Raising the Corporate Ladder with the Aid of Plastic Surgery

In today’s world, plastic surgery is increasingly being seen as a good career move, not just a way to improve a person’s appearance and confidence. Even though the economy continues to be bad, the plastic surgery industry has not been impacted. In fact, it continues to grow at a rate that few industries have achieved since the beginning of the financial crisis. One of the reasons for this is people’s desire to rise up the corporate ladder.

plastic surgery

Studies have shown that job performance, skills and experience are not the only things that employers look for when they are granting raises, promoting or hiring. The fact is that beauty sells, even in the office. A study conducted by Harvard in 2009 showed that attractive and confident people were more likely to get hired. The study basically showed that attractive individuals have more faith in their capabilities and worth. This resulted in a higher income. Based on these statistics, it is not surprising why so many people are choosing to get plastic surgery as a means of achieving their career goals.

Attractive people generally receive preferential treatment in most walks of life. It should be no surprise that this often occurs in the corporate world. If a hiring manager has narrowed their field of potential candidates down to two people, one attractive and one that is not, it only stands to reason that they attractive one would have the edge. Therefore, many people are hoping that going under the knife can put them on more of a level playing field in the job market.

One of the most interesting things to come out of studies on this topic was the revelation that first impressions are critical in the corporate world. Employers are literally taking the whole package into consideration when deciding which people to hire. While things such as climbing the corporate ladder, obtaining a raise or getting a job should not be the only reasons that a person decides to get plastic surgery, there can be no question there are empirical correlations between a person’s success and their appearance. Therefore, a person needs to seriously weigh the pros and cons of a cosmetic surgery procedure. A professional will need to decide if getting plastic surgery will give them the advantage in the job market or workplace that they are looking for. If they believe that it can be beneficial to them in reaching their goals, then it is certainly something that is worth considering.

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