Qualities to Look For in an Efficient PPC Professional

The present world is that of specialization and specialists are whom businesses run after. Hence, getting a professional PPC consultant for managing you Pay per Click campaign is necessary. Getting a person who knows his job ensures you a better return on investment.

However, PPC is a field where you can easily be deceived of professional expertise. This is because PPC performance can easily be forged by altering the excel charts that show you a better performance than it actually is. So, getting a professional PPC marketer, who knows his job and doesn’t fake it, is a must.


But, the question is how do you know if a person is actually capable with PPC or just faking it? The answer is as follows:


You need to see how passionate the person is about paid search. In order to know this, ask him questions like:

  • What is the time of the year when a marketer feels most frustrated regarding PPC?

  • How can he go about to bring in desirable results?

  • What are the best results that he had achieved in the past?

  • How does he plan to go about a new project?

If you see him trying to answer passionately and desirably, he is the person to hire.


A PPC marketer needs to work really hard, which involves keeping an eye on bidding, longer indulgence in Excel sheets, managing URL, checking traffic etc. Try to note the number of times he asks for a senior’s help, does he seem to be bored with the job, whether his input is worth it in a PPC campaign and so on.


Being familiar with the latest Pay per Click trends is not enough; a PPC marketer needs to be creative as well. In order to find out if he is creative or not, you need to see if he blindly follows the suggestions of Google AdWords or comes up with his own ideas, does he write an ad copy, can he prevent or stop the stagnancy of a PPC account etc.

Data Analysis

A good PPC marketer needs to be a good data analyst as well. To check if he is adept at that, you may take his excel test and see how he analyses data.

Knowledge regarding pre and post clicks

A sound knowledge regarding pre and post clicks is a must for a PPC manager. See if he knows the difference between regular PPC campaign and a mobile run one, the type of interaction that is needed with the call centre department and what is it that increases the efficiency of pre and post clicks.

Good at Mathematics

You certainly do not need to look for a PhD degree holder in Applied Mathematics, but make sure that the person is comfortable with numerical trends, so that he can understand the scenario of a paid search account. It is not rare to see creative individuals with weak mathematical skills fail badly because of not understanding how numbers affected the account.

Tolerant of change

We all know that change is possibly the most consistent aspect in search marketing. The theory of what works and what not changes within an instant. So, if you get a PPC marketer who says that “That’s how we have always done it” you better bid good bye to him.

Willing to learn

Given the dynamic nature of the search world, we always have something to learn or the other. Hence, an efficient marketer will always be willing to learn more about the newest trends in the world of search marketing. He should want to learn more about the industry and see what others are doing to make the best of it. Keeping one self updated in the world of Pay per Click is not just a good habit but a job requirement as well.

Good stress management

Search management is a job that is bound to bring in some stress. After all, huge amounts of money are at stake and it is their ideas that can either bring it back or lose it forever. But, a little stress is good; it keeps them on their toes. So, if you find your PPC consultant gulping down bottles of anti-anxiety pills or biting away all his fingernails, it is better you look for someone else.

I understand that it takes time to judge a person on the points I have discussed. Fine, go ahead; give yourself the time to find out if the person is fit for the job or not.


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