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Gifting creative personalized books to the kids is one of the best ways to make them happy. Imagine the smile on face of your kid opening a personalized book that bears his or her name as well as photo. Such a personalized book, which is entirely about your kid, makes the kid extremely happy and he starts reading book instantly.


Parents can inculcate interest for reading books in their kids by providing their kids with various personalized books. These personalized books help children to nurture the good habit of reading actual books and they prefer spending more time in reading the books.

Creative personalized kid’s book

A personalized book is made entirely special for a kid. Even a glance of your kid at the cover page of the book provokes his interest in reading it further. It is easy to make this page special for your kid as cover page can have a suitable picture on the theme or content of the book or even have a photograph of your kid along with his/her name. This will not only bring smile on the kid’s face but also make him sit automatically to read it further. It is even easy to include aspects like hair style, hair color, eye color, skin tone of the kid in the book. All these aspects make it more unique.

Presence of adventurous stories

The kids usually have great interest in adventurous stories that involves fun. Bedtime stories for kids that contains stories with you as main character in it is sure to delight the kid. The kid can find himself in exclusive places like Great Barrier Reef or African Savannah in the adventurous stories that are present in the personalized book. The inclusion of some rhymes can make them more interesting and funny.

Inclusion of games in stories

Games are all-time favorite activities of the kids. The personalized books that are created with content or stories, in which the kid plays various exciting and adventurous games, make them interesting for the kid to read. The kids can hook up for hours with such a personalized book that has got story of the kid himself playing soccer with tigers or shaking hand with blue whale or sledding with the reindeers or polar bears. As on whole, creating your own book and reading it is also an educational experience for kids since it comprises glossary illustrating various places, animals, activities, in which the kid is actively involved.

Presence of music

Moreover, some personalized books can even have unique aspects like original theme song which is highly famous among the kids. Just by pressing on the available sound chip, the kid can cheerfully sing songs along with reindeers or parrots or monkeys. The presence of such unique features in the personalized books increases the interest of kids in reading the book and also drives the kids more into the habit of reading books.

Baby book and bedtime story book

Similarly, it is easy to create your own book as a personalized baby book for your kid. Such a baby book would include hobbies and interests of the kids, favorite songs, various places visited by kid, favorite stories and characters and many other things that are special to kid. A personalized bedtime story book, which would include all the favorite bedtime stories, can also be another special book for the kid. Such a book is even useful to put your baby to sleep while reading it.

Exclusive dedication page

To make it more special for kid, a dedication page can be included in the personalized book. You or any of your family members can add a special message for your kid. In this manner the book becomes not only useful but also a family treasure for the kid. The kids put more interest in reading such books and thus the personalized books help in enhancing the interest of kids in reading.

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