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Are you backed by dental insurance? Not all of us are! And even if you are, check your insurance agreement again. It surely won’t be covering all the expenses. For example, mouth debridement allowance is not provided by a majority of medical insurance companies.

Dental procedures are expensive all over the world, especially some treatments that may take away your whole life savings. One such disease is periodontitis, which demands professional care even in its initial stages. According to a recent research, periodontitis treatment cost is 21 percent higher than the cost of other dental treatments. Mere diagnosis of this disease incurs a cost of around $400 for the dental examination and X-ray, in addition to the mouth debridement fees of approximately $150. However, if your periodontal disease is diagnosed in the beginning, it can be cured through non-surgical methods, which are comparatively less expensive than advanced surgeries.

In either case, it is important that you know about the success rate and prevailing charges of your dental treatment.

Root Planing

Root planing seems to be very economical and affordable. However, it can be unbelievably expensive if not performed successfully. Being a non-surgical treatment, it is mostly performed by novice dentists or trainees. The majority of these greenhorn clinicians don’t remove the plaque completely, leaving deposits of tartar in deep pockets. These types of incomplete treatment minimize the pain for awhile, but worsens the condition in the long run. The remnants of plaque stimulate the bacteria to grow and cause severe infection. This makes the low-cost root planing highly expensive, leading to advanced dental surgeries.

Root planing may cost up to $200 to $375 per quadrant. In addition, this treatment requires an antibiotic, mostly Arestin, which is charged out at $40 to $100 per site, each tooth containing several sites. If you are recommended for root planing by your dentist, make sure you appoint an expert for this, as any ignorance or inability in the act may lead to excessive trouble and cost.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser periodontal therapy is a traditional and less effective way of treating periodontitis. It is just a blind attempt to kill the bacteria under the gums. This treatment is just a short-term cure for pain as it does not even reach the plaque in deep pockets allowing them to cause infection and severe gum disease. Laser therapy requires a minimum of six rounds with each session costing around $250 to $400. Modern ways of cleaning are more beneficial and cost effective. Make the right choice and save your hard-earned money.


Perioscopy is charged on a quadrant basis, with per-quadrant fees lying between $350 and $900. This amount is exclusive of the examination and pre-operative care charges.

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

For the purpose of our research, we contacted numerous dental clinics to get their quotations on LANAP and found that the cost of LANAP treatment depends upon the severity of the disease. Fees for full mouth LANAP lies between $4,000 to $15,000. This does not include the visit and consultation charges of the dentist. Moreover, LANAP is not performed on a single tooth; it is always prescribed for the treatment of the full mouth and gums.

Save Yourself From Being Robbed

If you are going for a dental treatment, do some research on your dental procedure and the cost associated with it, and save yourself from getting overcharged by your dentist.

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