Choosing Furniture for a Child’s Bedroom

Every parent wants their children to be comfortable somewhere in the home, in a room that they can call their own. It is in this place where their child can be on their own – where he or she can sleep, rest, read and even entertain friends. They might not have the money to choose and pay for furniture and decorations, but most parents, thinking logically, would agree that if the child has an input into the design and furnishing of this space, then they will feel more comfortable in it.


There are some practical considerations, which include ensuring that the furniture is both comfortable and safe. This includes effective storage areas, a safe and comfortable bed, fashionable chairs and all in modern airy colours.


Choose furniture to suit the child’s activities and interests


Most bedrooms need a bed, a dresser and a bedside table. The rest of the furniture will be dependent on the child’s activities on a daily basis. To encourage reading, a set of bookshelves would be useful. A desk or a table would ensure that your child has a place suitable to complete homework and for placing a computer.


Remember, no matter what type of bed you want for your kids bedroom – Single; Bunk Beds; kids Cabin Beds; High Sleepers, ensure it suit their requirements and storage space of the room. Before you buy furniture, make a plan and take measurements of the room to ensure that the furniture will fit into certain places in the room. It must fit neatly into the allocated place; otherwise, your child may feel uncomfortable if he or she has to squeeze past a piece of awkwardly placed furniture. Before purchasing furniture, it’s worth mapping out the room so everything that is to be bought fits in nicely and artistically too.


Furniture should fit in place and be safe


Furniture that has multiple purposes, particularly pieces that are built-in to the shape of the room makes far better use of available space. For example, consider a bed with built-in shelves or drawers that are fitted beneath the bed itself. This allows the child to stow things like clothes and toys in a neat place that doesn’t interfere with the open spaces in the room.

When a table, a set of chairs and some drawers are sought then texture and colour play a significant role. Unpainted wood looks nice when unpainted, but it soon loses its special shiny appeal after dirt and scuff marks begin to appear.


Painted surfaces on furniture are far more durable. Just a simple wipe with a damp clothe can renew the surface in seconds as long as a hardwearing, durable paint is used in the first place. Any parent should ensure that painted surfaces are free from toxic substances. Many older paint compounds have lead mixed into them, but with care any parent should have no problem selecting lead free products.


If the space is available in your child’s room, a play table could be purchased and fitted in to an appropriate place. This offers the opportunity for your child to develop skills and activities important for child development, like writing, reading, drawing, the solving of puzzles, craft making and computer skills.



Top Ten Gadgets for Guys

Everyone loves a good gadget and in this era of technology, gadgets are everywhere. As Christmas draws rapidly nearer, the risk of bad gadget gifts from distant family members increases. To try to avoid this annual issue, we’ve compiled this list of super cool gadgets that you will actually want for Christmas. So why not scribble these down on your Christmas list and erase rubbish gifts this year?


1. The Smart Phone Projector is a gadget everyone should have.


With this easy to use portable projector, you simply slot your Smart phone into the secure silicone grip, turn on the projector and turn out the lights. This enables you to turn any room into a cinema, easily sharing videos with friends and family this Christmas. This gadget will leave you wondering why you never had one before. Smart Phone Projector from I Want One of


2.) Eye Scope is the iPhone attachment we’ve all been waiting for.


Giving you up to 8x zoom of superb quality magnification, it has finally overcome that tricky issue of pixellation that phone camera zoom notoriously suffers from. Fitting to your device with a handy bracket, the Eye Scope comes complete with lens cap, carry case and mini tripod. Saving you the trouble of carrying around a bulky camera in addition to your iPhone, this is a great piece of portable kit for the budding photographer on the go. Eye Scope iPhone Zoom Lens from Genie Gadgets:

3.) This fantastic multi-game machine allows you to relive bygone days, through playing a range of classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Galaga and Galaxian.

 7178-Pac-Man's Arcade Party Home

This nostalgia-inducing machine is compact enough to fit in an unused space in your home, allowing you to have your very own arcade machine to play on for free whenever you like, time and time again. Why not grab a pack of beers and get your mates over to see if they can beat your high score? Or show the younger generation of your family what they missed out on with these simple, but highly addictive original arcade games from back in the day. Namco Pac-man Party –



4.) This awesome Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light is made to look like it’s bursting through your wall.


It looks fantastic during the day with a smooth metal effect finish and looks great lit up at night with its glowing eyes. Complete with impressive fake cracking wall sticker, the light is mounted directly on top, looking particularly effective as the light is it battery powered and cordless. This gadget would be an exciting addition to any setting, from a bedroom, living room or kitchen, to an office, den, garage or games room environment and will be popular with visiting friends. Marvel Comics 3D Iron Man Mask Wall Light from Truffle  Shuffle:

5.) There are many iPhone speakers available on the market this year, but for a certain generation out there, the iRecorder iPhone Speaker will be the coolest pick of the bunch.


Made in the style of a retro 1980s/1990s cassette player, it will be a blast from the past for many of us who owned portable cassette players the first time round! With real working buttons, including play/pause, fast forward, rewind and volume, the memories of hours spent making mix-tapes   will come flooding back. it is easily transportable through an old school pull out handle and will be the envy of all of your mates. iRecorder Retro iPhone Speaker from Men Kind:

6.) The Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster should be on every guy’s Christmas list this year.


This amazing machine will cook you up a perfectly done tasty American style hotdog in minutes, with the minimum of effort on your part. It works just like a toaster, with room for two regular size hot dogs and two open buns, and with adjustable settings, so you can make your ideal hot dog with a nice toasty bun to go with it in no time. This is great for catering for your guests at parties, who will be delighted by this classic looking machine and can have fun by adding a range of their own toppings. Also handy for preparing a quick and tasty snack at home for one. I can’t wait to get mine! Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster from The Hut:

 7.) This stunning C Compact Camera model from Leica is the most stylish digital camera on the market.


It has a whole range of handy features such as full-HD video, outstanding 7x zoom and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 software along with integrated Wi-Fi which allows you to easily transfer photos and videos from the camera to your laptop or smart phone wirelessly. With its compact size you can get high quality digital photos wherever you are, without carrying around a bulky camera and sharing your images has never been simpler. Where have you been all my life? Leica C Compact Camerafrom  Selfridges:


8.) These super fun little creatures will keep you entertained throughout the Christmas holiday.


Controlled with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch through an IR transmitter that connects to your headphone jack and a free downloadable i-Robot App, you can have fun experimenting with these wireless creepy crawlies throughout the Christmas holidays. These little critters have light up body parts and come with a USB charger, taking only 20 mins to reach full charge. With a 6 meter range, you can scuttle around like a bug to your heart’s content, frightening unsuspecting bug-loathing humans or seeing what your pets make of them. iRobot Bugs from Firebox:


9.) A remote control helicopter is the envy of every man, no matter what their age.


The S33 3CH 2.4G Remote Control Helicopter, is perfectly designed for outdoor flight due to its large nose-to-tail length. This model will give you a high level of control thanks to the on-board gyroscope and a whole host of stabilisation features. This married with a secure signal frequency, gives you a fantastic response all-round and a breath-taking flying experience overall. This model is manufactured to be a joy to ride, so this Christmas it’s time for you to take over the control panel and let others fill the role of the jealous on-looker. S33 3CH 2.4G Remote Control Helicopter from Hawkin’s Bazaar:


10.) Always fancied yourself as a DJ?


With this gadget you can show off your mixing skills by seamlessly cross fading across two devices including MP3 players, and iPhones to laptops. You can be your own DJ at parties and get-togethers, keeping the atmosphere going by selecting your tracks and merging them like a pro. You can also practice your skills by listening in private via the headphone jack, before releasing your skills on your mates. iPod Track Mini Mixer from Find Me a Gift:

Now you should have at least 10 great gift requests to go on your Christmas list this year. Make sure it’s passed around your extended family so you aren’t lumbered with more novelty ties, mouse mats or stress-balls this festive season.

The Fragrant Electric Candle

Getting home from another hard day at work, maybe the kids have been taken off your hands for a few hours, possibly a romantic night ahead to plan. Time to relax in the bath, unwind on your favourite sofa with your favourite novel or lose yourself in your favourite television program. Maybe time to prepare a meal to impress. All familiar scenarios of everyday life, all so often enhanced by many of us with candlelight, with the pleasant aroma of a fragrant scented candle that has the uncanny power to accompany and improve any setting and any mood. Candles create calming atmospheres for people, the scent enriching the comfort and safety of the home.

Scented Candles Arrangement in Living Hall
Scented Candles Arrangement in Living Hall

Yet not everyone likes the idea of a naked flame around their house, whether unattended or not, but they should not miss out, and with an electric candle they do not have to. These clean, easy to use candles provide all the ambience and scents of the traditional candle. Mix and match scents and get a style to suit the different seasons, all at the switch of a plug. How handy an idea is that?

If you are thinking of an electric candle to help you through the winter months, then try a Yankee Candle Brown Leaf electric melts warmer. This earthy candle will help bring a homely feel to those longer winter evenings, creating a relaxing environment in which to settle down and enjoy. Alternatively the Astbury electric wax burner is available in a range of styles to fit every season. It is down to whatever takes your mood.


Electric Melt warmer

Electric wax melts warmers allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a wax melt without needing the naked flame. The easily replaced wax melt is heated electrically from beneath to create all the soft light and fragrances of a scented candle. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits, without the worry of a flame in your house. Whatever time of the year, whatever stress levels have been building, whatever the following day has planned for you, at least for a moment in time you can shut out the outside world and indulge.

See more ideas at  Yankee Candle UK

 Disclosure: I was given a selection of Yankee candle products for this review. All opinions are my own. 

Encouraging Your Child To Play Safe And Independently

Most parents are aware that they should be encouraging their children to partake daily in independent play, as it is essential to their development and education, but many find it difficult due to clingy children and worries over safety. As during independent playtime, young children are continuing to develop their motor skills, emotional understanding and confidence, all of which forms a valuable skillset that will be used throughout their lives, parents should make a special effort to encourage this activity. As much as it is important to encourage children to play independently, it is also essential that parents promote safe play to prevent serious accidents. Through a number of ways, parents can encourage their children to have fun whilst playing independently and safely.


Designated Play Areas

One of the easiest ways to promote safe and independent play is by having designated play areas. Parents should discourage their children from playing in certain areas in the home such as the kitchen and bathrooms by showing that these rooms are not fun to play in, and only keep toys in the room that are considered safe, so that when children want to play they will naturally go to these places.

By having others areas that are shown as more fun places to play, parents can easily prevent their children from playing in hazardous areas that have a heightened risk of dangers and accidents. If struggling to keep children away from these areas, or from playing independently, parents may want to use baby gates to keep them in the play areas to encourage them to continue or begin their lone play.

Safety Equipment

When prompting independent play, it is especially important to make sure that the area that they are playing within is safe as you will not be supervising the activities. In lounges, you will want to consider installing safety plugs and DVD protectors to stop little hands damaging themselves and electrical items.

If a parent wants to encourage independent play in their home’s garden, then they will want to make sure that the area is safe. Using safety surfacing, like this, on hard outdoor surfaces will help prevent serious accidents should a child trip or fall.

Discuss the Risks

For smaller children this might not be possible as they may not necessarily understand the concept of safety, but parents may want to consider discussing the risks of certain items and why it is important not to touch them during independent play. Although teaching of potential accidents is useful for preventing to help prevent them, parents should be gentle in their approach as to not scare their children off play entirely and leave them wanting to cling to their parents more.

A Variety of Activities

When trying to get your child to begin independent play, it is important that they are introduced to a wide variety of activities. Parents can use different forms of play to help their child be more independent in their activities. For example, board games are a great way to play together as a family, whereas playing with figures is a more independent activity, so when a child starts to play with figures, a parent could use this as a time to distance themselves from their child and allow them to play independently.

Upcycling Jewellery – Such a Great Idea !

Upcycling is the practice of turning unwanted objects into something more useful or desirable. It is a phenomenon that is gaining momentum in the world as people become more conscious of the importance of recycling and sustainability.


The three Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, play their part in the upcycling process. Upcycling gives people the opportunity to live sustainably without surrounding themselves with rubbish. From neat wallets made from juice cartons to jewellery made out of unwanted family heirlooms, upcycling offers various creative options to take advantage of the ‘rubbish’ in your life. If you don’t want to wear jewellery made out of rubbish consider upcycling your family gold. Dust off the cobwebs from those dated pieces in your jewellery box and upcycle them into something contemporary that you will love to wear. Forget about pawn shops, make yourself a new treasure at Baroque.
Gold, from time immemorial, has been an important global industry, and one which has a very dirty side: today the methods of extraction are extremely bad for the environment and are often socially exploitative, too. For example, cyanide is generally used in extracting gold, which pollutes water sources and furthermore, miners are often exploited by mining companies as well.

However, you don’t need to support this destructive industry to have the pleasure of wearing gold. There is another way. There is the upcycing way, which is guilt free and ethically sound. Reusing gold already in circulation, like your old family heirlooms, is a sustainable option that won´t damage the earth or create social injustice.

At Baroque, every old piece of jewellery can be upgraded to an original modern jewel. Like a sort of alchemy, upcycling brings forgotten gold back to life. The jewellery can take the same form as the original piece or it could be transformed into something completely new. However you upcycle your jewel, you´ll have a stunning up-to-date piece to be proud of, an heirloom you’ll actually wear with pleasure. Upcycling is an economical way to create a timeless jewel that will serve you for a life time. And don’t worry if you don’t have any heirlooms hidden away, you can still invest in ethical gold with Baroque, which is a Fairtrade Fairmined Jewellers.
Baroque has a whole collection of jewellery made from upcycled gold: the Molten Collection. Old metal is melted down, reused, reinvented and transformed into unique handmade designs.



Tips for Making your Mark in the World of Philanthropy

Success in life is not all about money; the most precious things generally include strong family relationships, opportunities to develop skills, self-fulfillment and supporting your community. Having said that, successful businesses are a key part of providing the wealth that can promote these other important matters. Your business can give things to the community in ways that benefit both sides, while your role in the community can influence how people regard your company and generate loyalty that is built on a positive reputation.


The opportunities we have enjoyed are a privilege, and by channeling part of our money and efforts into supporting vulnerable members of the community, we can be a part of the solution in tackling the problems and helping people to enjoy a better future.

Your money and your influence in the community are both important. Use your contacts, communicate well with your staff and your customers and get everyone on board with your vision to make a difference.

Think your strategy through carefully from the beginning and reassess from time to time, so that you achieve maximum benefit for your charity efforts and enjoy the positive impacts on your business.

Be strategic and very specific in which causes you would like to help. Will you be focused on your local community or a national cause? If your company has a very local customer base, you may be most effective at helping local causes, whereas a national or global company could have an impact on a major issue that is close to its business aims.

Think broadly about the variety of ways in which your business can make a difference. Direct financial donations are a very important part of philanthropic work, but you can also give your time, target particular events or times in the year for fundraising, or donate something you sell. Get advice from your tax adviser on how best to benefit good causes and your business.

Many very successful business leaders around the world are also deeply committed to helping others. Philanthropist Cecilia Ibru lives out what she believes by using her wealth and influence to combat issues related to poverty and health in Nigeria and throughout Africa. The Michael and Cecilia Foundation funds a wide range of educational initiatives for children that will inspire them to learn and develop into well-rounded, successful adults. Her simple but well-considered strategies include promoting literacy to encourage communication skills, school learning that is connected to the real world and sparks curiosity, and developing responsible, healthy living at a young age to encourage future leadership skills.

All types of business can make a real difference to their communities by giving back in a wide variety of ways. Whether you want to fundraise for an organization, offer scholarships, provide opportunities for training or use your business contacts to leverage your giving, make a start now and build philanthropy into the future of your business, for the benefit of all.

Creative ideas for fun kids’ bedrooms

When your kids are all set for their own bedroom space, they’ll be especially keen on having their particular likes catered for. Decorating his or her special sleeping space will also be a pleasure for you, and you should bear in mind that there are a few simple steps that can help make the task easier and get you the best results.


Simply asking what they want, to begin with, is always a great idea, and then it’s simply a matter of creating a concept based on what they tell you. Think in terms of what’s already in the home and what extra items you’ll need to get. Create a budget, and remember that as your child grows, the design will need to be altered. However, here are a few useful tips to get the project moving.


Use toys for décor


Kids’ toys come in all sorts of different sizes, colors and shapes, and they can be used most effectively for decoration. Use hooks to hang up the bigger toys, for example. Smaller ones can be stored on open shelves to create fun displays.


Paints and prints


Small prints combined with brightly painted walls can be very effective in creating a cozy and fun theme. Murals can be used rather than prints on accent furniture such as cabinets, and you can incorporate favorite themes such as animals, cars, or airplanes.


Educational items


Although the overall design of the room is important, it is not the only element to consider. Be sure to incorporate a few items such as charts, books, and educational toys for your child to play with and explore, so he or she can have fun at the same time as learning a few things.


Window treatments and light


Colorful curtains are always a good idea, but window shutters painted in bright primary colors are often preferred. Make sure that whatever color you choose matches the overall motif of the room. Brightly colored treatments for the windows usually give the room a cleaner and sharper look. A carefully positioned valance, too, will reduce overhead light levels during the day.


Fun fabrics


When selecting the bedding, choose a color that matches the room’s theme as well as thinking only about comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the various pillows, comforters, and sheets, and extra pillows can be thrown in to add accent. If you match the colors of the bed to the shutters or curtains, this helps to create a more unified look to the room.


Innovative storage


Storage is an especially important feature of any child’s bedroom, and a good idea is to allocate different storage solutions for items such as books, toys and clothes. Teach them to replace each item in its correct place and how to become more organized!


Whatever type of decoration system you settle on, the work and time you invest will reflect your love and care and have a direct relationship to the ongoing results you achieve.

Hotel Chocolat: Easter Range Review – Yummy!

It is almost unimaginable to think of a chocolate lover who has not heard of Hotel Chocolat, the brand that brings you exclusive chocolates made from cocoa that is grown in their own plantations in Saint-Lucia and Ghana. If you indeed belong to that small percentage of people who haven’t tasted their heavenly chocolates, allow me to give you a little background. Starting as a small chocolatier almost two decades ago with catalogue selling under the name Geneva Chocolates, moving on to Choc Express and finally to Hotel Chocolat, today the company has 70 stores across UK, and even a unique hotel and restaurant, set amongst the plantations.

With Easter just round the corner, I was approached by Hotel Chocolat asking me to publish my review on their Easter Range of Chocolates that are not just finger-licking delicious but also uniquely designed and packed, making for perfect Easter gifts. To begin with, it’s a broad range which has something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Extra Thick Easter Egg

300413_Easter 2015_Egglet extra thick

You can take your pick from the perfect extra thick eggshells that hide small, alcohol-free egglets in a variety of funny, smiley shapes and fruity flavors packed in a glittery box tied with a ribbon to packs of tiny or medium-sized chocolate eggs in custom packs.

Champagne Egglets

111539_Easter 2015_Champagne Stick Pack


Depending on the recipient of the gift, you can choose a milk chocolate egg or champagne egglets that are filled with premium champagne and pink champagne truffles.

City Bunnies Milk-Free Milk

111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk

In case you want to pick chocolates without dairy content, they also have a milk-free range containing cocoa and almond powder.

The one that I could not help but pick for my 6 year old daughter was the Big City Easter Bunny. It came in a transparent pack and is basically a hollow milk chocolate in the shape of a bunny, all dressed to party!

Big City Easter Bunny
Big City Easter Bunny

The one that I must mention for its uniqueness is the Splat Egg Caramel, which is a caramel milk chocolate egg that comes with a colorful white chocolate splat. Another unique chocolate egg was the diamond-faceted Easter egg made up of 65% cocoa supermilk chocolate.

300430_Easter 2015_Facet Egg SUPERMILK

Of course, if you are buying it as a family gift, Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Range has a number of choices in The Easter Family Collection which has milk and white city bunnies, dark city bunnies, chirp and hop chocolate slabs, varieties of egglets, and yes, a Big City Bunny, all for just £35 and packed in a transparent gift box.

I found my perfect Easter gift at Hotel Chocolat and I am sure you would too.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a selection of Easter chocolates for the purpose of this review. All wordings are my own.

How to Add a customized chat room to your Facebook

Chatting is one of the most used features that Facebook offers. It allows people from all around the world to chat with each other and even send them messages if they are offline. Years ago, people couldn’t even imagine that this would’ve been possible, at least not for free.


But today it is different. The technology is developing very fast and we have a lot of benefits thanks to it. Few years ago, Facebook added a chat room option that was available for Facebook groups, meaning people that were in that group could chat together. But, this feature was not available for the Facebook pages. So, if you have a business page, a fan page, or any kind of a Facebook page, you are not able to chat with your fans. And a lot of people were disappointed at the beginning.

But, there is a solution to this problem. It is called Rumbletalk. This online widget platform is made for apps, websites and Facebook pages. The main purpose of the Rumbletalk chat room is to increase your visitors and increase the amount of time they spend on your Facebook page or website.

How to add Rumbletalk chat room?

If you want to add it on your Facebook page, all you need to do is one single click. Visit the URL below and that’s all! (


Once you start using Rumbletalk, you’ll see a field of black control buttons left of the text field that include:

  • Auto-Scroll – will scroll the screen messages and you’ll always read the newest one that appears at the bottom.
  • Pause – will pause the auto-scroll button in case you have to go somewhere for a short amount of time.
  • Clear – will remove the past conversation and clear the whole message field.
  • Pop-out chat – will open your chat in another window.
  • Sound FX – will enable/disable the sound effects. This is important for those users who chat in work environment.
  • Log out – will sign you out of your Facebook chat room.

At the top, there is a RumbleTalk settings tab that allows you to modify the chat room name, language, filter the banned words, put images, videos and links, and many other things. You can also decide how people login and you can make sure only your fans are in your chat room.


You can add the same chat room to your blog or website, here is the official installation guide . That way you connect the fans from your Facebook page with your website or blog visitors. Don’t forget, chatting makes visitors stay longer on your page.

Adding a chat room is a great way to engage your Facebook fans. The Rumbletalk free service allows up to 25 people to chat in your chat room at one time. If you want to have more than 25 people in your chat, then you need a premium Rumbletalk account. By simply adding a chat room, you’ll increase the Search Engine Optimization of your website and bring more audience to it. Take 10 minutes of your time and improve your website or Facebook page.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 

Look Inside Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction is real and lots of people have experience this. Usually, with every mention of video games the assumption is more, who plays them will get addicted. But that is far from the case. As much as they are people addicted to games, there are many others who have it as a simple hobby. Video games are more and more becoming a reason in the crumbling of relationships. The dangers though are real. Without setting boundaries for yourself and others, you turn out to be addicted and shrug off responsibilities and relationships.


We find cure for video game addicts to be not easy because addicted gamers want to spend more time and money on video games to feel the same “high,” skipping out on everyday duties like household chores or homework to play games, excessive thinking about game play, trying to play less and failing, and stealing games or money to play. In their view, they don’t see these actions as an addiction. Even though the U.S. is lagging behind countries like South Korea, which have more than 100 clinics for video game addiction help, they pay great attention about American colleges deeming video games as sport. It is vital if we first understand the impact of these games on our youth.

Video games have turn out to be a most important source of entertainment. People not only play them at home only, but they also play on their mobile devices which they can take anywhere. This ease of access makes it even more easier for people to develop or increases the addictions to these games. The time spent in gaming should not outweigh everything else put together. It supposed to be not get in the way of sleep, and spending time with family. As real as these dangers are, don’t think that all gaming is bad. There are plenty of benefits such as improved memory, coordination skills, and problem solving. In spite of the side effects of video game addictions, video games help people develop essential social skills and become more engaged in critical thinking.

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Relationships

Similar to any other addiction, this can take a intense toll on a person’s relationships, career, and health. Addiction to any number of things can ruin relationships but gaming addiction seems to go about doing it in a rather fascinating and underhanded way. First of all, when an person becomes addicted to a game whether it be a console game, a PC game or an online game, one of the first things those around the game addict will notice is that he/she becomes so fascinated in the game that it effects every part of their life starting with the social aspect. Please have a look at games list which can cause your relationship suffer:

1. Call of Duty
2. Football Manager
3. Grand Theft Auto
5. Medal of Honor
6. Halo
7. Super Mario Brothers
8. Gran Turismo
9. Mario Kart
10. Guitar Hero
11. Assassins Creed
12. Pro Evo Soccer
13. Resident Evil
14. World of Warcraft
15. F1
16. Red Dead Redemption
17. Need for Speed
18. Fallout
19. Gears of War
20. Angry Birds