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It comes as no surprise to many that Microsoft is one of the most valuable, successful companies in the world. However, while many other operating systems continue to use at least some of Microsoft’s products, Microsoft has chosen to embark on a company shift with a software developing emphasis to a devices and services focus, to compete with the other big names. The previous year, 2012, was fairly monumental in terms of changing the tide. Microsoft revealed the Windows 8 operating system and the Surface RT tablet, looking to gain a piece out of that iPad Apple pie. The new year promises more great changes with the technology giant.
Wait no more, gamers, as Microsoft just introduced the next version of the Xbox console. Obviously the new Xbox One isn’t simply be a video game console, as Microsoft has been integrating movie, music, and cable services in the previous versions, and will no doubt continue to push these developments to new heights with the future release. Some are speculating that this might even be the final Xbox release, with video games taking on the newest development of the cloud and being offered through the Internet.
There is also the release of the Windows 8 tablets, to compete in the ever-growing world of tablet usage and consumption.
Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011, and plans to replace Windows Live Messenger with it. Skype will be further integrated into Microsoft products as it has been incorporated into Windows 8 and there are plans to add a Skype app to the Windows phone.
Let us not leave out the biggie, Microsoft Office 2013. This is arguably the biggest new launch of the year. There are an abundance of new touch-screen abilities for tablet use, as well as extended file format report and user interface updates. Office 2013 is much more cloud-based than previous versions, and is also available through Office 365 subscriptions. There is also a further connection to SkyDrive, making it simple to move from device to device while creating and sharing these documents. Some other new features include a new read in Word, a presentation mode in PowerPoint, the ability to broadcast documents on the Web, and the insertion of audio and video- talk about convenience.
Take the fact that Microsoft has recently acquired social networking site Yammer (for a cool $1.2 billion) for its social business customers, and things for Microsoft are off to a pretty good start. Yammer will operate as a stand-alone application and will run alongside Office 365, SharePoint, and Skype services.

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