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The arrival of a new fashion season always brings a whole crop of fresh looks, and in winter, as temperatures drop, hats and scarves are among the items taking the limelight. Men’s hats, in particular, have made a big comeback over recent years. They are equally popular with stars who are possibly trying to hide male hair loss, such as film actor Jude Law, and with those, like hat aficionado Johnny Depp, who just want to look stylish and different.

So what are the latest looks in head-turning headgear? Knitted hats have been featuring strongly on the catwalk, and are a long way removed from the traditional woolly bobble variety, as worn on the football terraces. The shapes for these 21st-century knits include both helmets and beanies, in a host of different colours, from black and white, soft brown or grey to bright colours like red, yellow and even orange.

Hats bearing slogans or patterns are especially in demand, with one popular new beanie design (created in tribute to smash hit US TV series ‘Breaking Bad’), featuring a grey and yellow stripe design on a black background. Turban-style knit hats with a strong rib pattern are another unusual but popular choice, as are oversized hats with check or stripe prints.

As well as knit hats, a host of other looks are in style, from Gatsby-style caps to colourful berets and baseball caps, as well as gangster-chic Fedoras and Trilbies, which have both been long-running fashion success stories in recent years. Aviator-style hats are yet another coming trend for winter, with fake fur flaps adding both warmth and interest.

Comeback for Big Scarves 


Men’s scarves are tipped to be very much in the spotlight this season, after numerous big and bright designs featured in a series of top fashion shows. Outsize scarves from Japanese brand Kolor come in vibrant shades like blues, greens and even pinks, while Levi’s Made and Crafted range includes a big scarf in a mix of yellow and black zig-zags. The bigger and bolder the better, it seems.


However, if so much bright colour isn’t to your taste, you can also find many choices of design in black and white, or in blocks of colour mixing black and grey with a single brighter shade, such as blue or orange. There are also all kinds of patterns to consider, from geometrical designs to large swirls, and even floral designs borrowed from the ladies by the likes of Gucci and Armani.

Of course, it is possible to match your hat and scarf together, and a combination of a fake fur hat and scarf looks set to be an especially fashionable option this season, as well as providing much-needed warmth. Another strong new look for the coming season is scarves which can be wrapped around the head as well as the neck, either under a hat, or instead of one.


Hairstyles for Winter

 Several modern men’s hairstyles are in vogue this winter, with one of the hottest current trends being the sculpted and sophisticated “wet look”, which is also popular among women. Hair is typically kept short and slick, with a side parting, giving a strong flavour of the 1960s and the ‘Mad Men’ style worn by Jon Hamm as Don Draper. One way to achieve this look is to wash and towel-dry hair, then add gel while it is damp, and comb it into shape, leaving it to dry. For anyone with thinning locks, short cuts tend to be the most flattering, and so this look can work well here too.



With longer or curlier hair, variants on the wet look can create a looser and more informal effect, especially if a mousse is used instead of a gel. Footballer David Beckham, whose hairstyle constantly changes, is just one of the male celebrities who has been seen with this type of cut; in his case including a slicked-back quiff, which is another popular current trend. Singer Justin Bieber and curly-haired ‘Sherlock’ actor Benedict Cumberbatch have also sported wet-look hair.

Short haircuts with a fringe


Short haircuts with a fringe

Men’s Short haircuts with a fringe

Short haircuts with a fringe are another look growing in popularity, with a new spin on this for younger men having hair longer at the front than the back. The long fringe can either be swept across to cover the forehead or spiked upwards with wax or gel. Shorter fringes tend to be preferred by older men and these can again work well for men with hairlines starting to recede. Yet another look to consider is keeping hair short all over, less than an inch in length. This focuses attention on the face and again is a good look for anyone with thinning hair to consider.

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