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Just in case you’re slightly worried about what to wear in 2012 but don’t have bottomless amounts of money to spend on a new wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of five top-to-trainer items that will make your old clothes look like new. Think of it as wardrobe maintenance work…

1. For your locks – deep conditioning hair oil

A healthy, shining head of hair is attractive on anyone – regardless of gender! Dr. Hauschka always comes through with beautiful, naturally-derived products that really do the trick of moisturising and keeping your skin and hair healthy. This sweet-smelling oil contains peanut and rosemary oil amidst other wholesome ingredients. Take a little on your fingertips and work through quickly if you just want to finish off hair that looks a little on the dry and crispy side. If you like, you can also use it as a hair mask and use a greater amount that sinks in for a couple of hours.

2. Wrist-y business – a watch that works with everything

A watch is a wardrobe conundrum that may not actually present itself until you realise that you really need one. Whilst most of us are checking the time on our phones these days, a watch is still a kind of sartorial ‘anchor’ while dressing for work. It says that you – err – care about being on time, are well organised, and that you also happen to have a passing interest in aviation. Omega watches have a perfect number called the ‘Seamaster’. It’s available with a neon orange leather strap and bezel, so you can casually pull on your most neutral outfit and still look on-trend.

3. Give your trousers a holiday – Ikat print trousers

Burberry Prorsum caught the attention of men’s fashion bloggers with this Ikat style from the S/S 2012 runways. Call it ‘brave’ or just the long overdue move of Ikat prints into men’s fashion. Some fashion fans are gasping for air over the $1000 price tag, but you could easily pick up a similar pair from your local market if you live in a multicultural city. Ikat is a technique that’s used by many cultures around the world, from Cambodia to South and Central America and it’s been big in women’s fashion for a couple of seasons now. Will you be swapping your city shorts or baggy jeans for a playful and chic pay of Ikat trousers this summer?

4. On your toes – a great pair of trainers

Trainer trends seem to be following the overall fashion yen for monochromatic statement pieces that look well-made and long lasting. These ‘Toki’ trainers by Nike fit perfectly into that trend. Not too boring that they can’t really make an outfit, not so wild you can’t wear them to work or to the shops to get your newspaper. They’re not too young, they’re not too mature. They’re kind of perfect.

Can you see yourself wearing any of these items, come the summer? What are the things that you do or add to make any plain outfit work? Grooming is always talked about as a growing trend in men’s fashion, but it’s a vague category. What grooming rituals are part of your ordinary routine – and are there any strange or appealing new products that you’d quite like to try?

Julian Cole is an English writer who enjoys writing about men’s fashion trends

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