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When actually was the last time you cleaned you mattress—six months ago, one year, or more?  Without knowing it, mattresses can become full of dirt as much as the other beddings you use.  While mattresses are always covered with bed sheet, it is not safely protected from all foreign elements that can make it dirty.  Long use of it without cleaning makes all the thick dust become deeply seated into it.  Worse, there are living dust mites, usually not seen by naked eyes, that thrive on your bed.  If you could only see them, wouldn’t you clean it as often as you need?  Certainly, you want your mattress to be free from dirt and germs.

Dust mites can rapidly increase in number without you realizing it.  Probably, if you had only known the health threat, then you would have maintained your mattress clean and neat.

Helpful tips in cleaning

Vacuum your bed mattress each month.  Cleaning it reduces the chances of dustiness all over your bed.  Use a beneficial covering for protection.  Don’t expose it without protective cover.  It is much easier to wash a mattress covering or protector than cleaning the mattress itself.  So putting something to care for the surface saves significant time.

If the cover of your mattress is liquid-proof, this top quality must not be cleaned and washed with a machine.  That cleaning option produces small tears and rips, causing it to lose its effectiveness.  Rather, the mattress cover needs spot cleaning manually by hand.  If you don’t care enough for your possession, it will lose its value in a couple of years.   And mattresses are expensive costing thousands of dollars for a good one.

Clean also your pillows

When thinking about cleaning your bedroom, mattress comes first into your mind.  But aside from it, there’s another one you should not forget—your pillows.  Although you often clean the duvet covers and sheets, many living micro-organisms are always left in pillows.  Your pillows have mold, bacteria, and dust mites.  So clean them also as much as you do with the mattress.

Pillows and cushions can also be washed.  You can do it with mild cycle inside the washing machine using liquid solution. After that, dry the pillows by applying the necessary low-heat setting.  When done, pat the pillows to ensure no moisture is left that can cause molds.

Naturally, pillows become full of dust mites and bacteria once you have used them.  It makes a sensible move to keep your pillows clean.  Washing should become part of the routine.  Just in case your pillows are too dirty to use, replacing them is the best option.

Some pillows are stamped with an expiry date – a bit like food. Very smart idea that.

Expert’s role in driving out dust mites

There are many companies claiming that they are the best when it comes to mattress cleaning.  Be careful not to make a mistake on this one.   It is not a small effort talking to different companies to compare quotes and get the best services.  Time is important in finding the real expert.

UrbanQuote.com.au is more than willing to take time and put in the effort when you’re looking for Brisbane cleaners for your place.  All you need to do is to request for a quote and the rest can be entrusted to us.  As quickly as possible, you will receive a competitive price quote and the service it covers.

Urban Quote replaces all the searching efforts usually done by the people.  With much convenience and reliability, you will find what you’re looking for.  All things are made simple and fast without any cost or obligation on the part of the requesting client.

Increasing the life and usefulness of your mattress is important as they are so expensive to replace.  Get the excellent cleaning provider in Brisbane.  If you don’t know how, we will let you know through our free quoting system.

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