Maldives in 5 Days: See the brighter side of life with whirlwind holiday packages

Maldives is an amazingly beautiful place. It is such a blue place that it can give a run for money even to Sunny Leone (hope you get the drift 😉

It is a small island and even a 5-day trip would be enough to explore some of its magnificent attractions. After all, all our readers are not as rich as a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg (who, by the way, are also our regular readers).

So, if you have limited cash to splurge, then Maldives packages offering a 5-day whirlwind trip should be perfect for you!

It is hard to pinpoint what is best about Maldives. One of the highlights about the island is its coastal wealth. It has some of the most gorgeous beaches to offer to your eyes. Top beaches like Mirihi Island Beach, Bandos Island Beach and Kanuhura Island Beach are just a class apart. The waters in these corners are astonishingly blue and they are as transparent as some of the tops worn by actress Anushka Sharma! Believe us, you would be able to see right through them (into the shallow sea beds filled with corals and fishes)!

Another unique attraction of Maldives is the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant. It is the first underwater restaurant of the planet and is a glasshouse which is placed 5 meters beneath the surface of Indian Ocean. The place is quite expensive and you need to make advance bookings. But seriously, visiting Ithaa should be on your bucket list! You will find yourself eating and munching amongst a school of sharks and octopuses hovering over you!

Maldives holiday packages also prepare you for a lot of sightseeing. After all, you need to make the most of your 5-day trip. So, here are some of the top attractions (other than the beaches and the Ithaa):

  1. National Museum: There is an interesting museum out here which offers you a vignette of the island’s history and culture. Do visit the place one day!
  2. Grand Friday Mosque: A key attraction, the Grand Friday Mosque is a humongous religious attraction which must not be missed out on.
  3. Kurumba Villages: It is a serene place noted for its greenery and quiet charm. It is also noted for its massage parlors and spas.
  4. Fish Market: It is a bazaar where freshly caught fishes are sold! What makes this place a must-visit site is the crowded atmosphere, the hustle, the ambience (and that delicious smell of that delicious fish, yum)!

So, now that you got a taste of what Maldives is all about, better start looking for some cool holiday packages for a 5-day trip (and you dare not buy from anyone other than us)!

PS- No, Bill Gates and Zuckerberg aren’t our regular readers. I was just kidding :/

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