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Any electrical or electronic product is prone to damage or issues. Apple makes some of the well designed computers and computer accessories, yet there are times when some items might give you a hard time. This guide will help you troubleshoot some of the common issues faced by MagSafe charger users.


Brown discoloring on the adapter

Sometimes you might notice discoloring on your adapter. It can be easily noticed on any Apple adapter because they are white in color. What does this mean? This is a symptom of internal electrical damage. Some of the internal components in your adapter could have burned. If this is the case with your Macbook pro charger, you should probably send it back to Apple to be fixed or might as well buy a new one if it has seen the ages.

Not charging

There are number of possible explanations for a MagSafe charger not to work. One of the most common issues is the noise. These chargers are more sophisticated than you think and come with safety features. If there is a supply of more voltage or if the adapter detects line noise, the protection feature will turn off the adapter. A well known solution to this issue is to unplug the charger from the wall socket and your laptop and let it rest for more than 60 seconds. Reconnect the charger again and see if this solves the issue. To prevent a potential line noise issue, make sure to keep your laptop away from refrigerators and other electrical equipment with circuits. This can also be prevented if you connect the charger to an UPS instead of a wall outlet.

Also, it is good to keep things like credit card and other magnetic devices away from the laptop since the connector in the adapter is magnetic in nature. This has the potential to erase data on your credit card or other magnetic devices.


The MagSafe charger comes with an ingenious technology that unplugs the charge from the laptop when it is under stress. Still there are chances that the adapter may suffer from strain relief damage and fraying. If you notice missing insulation or rubber, it is not advised to use the charger. You should probably make use of the “Apple’s Power Adapter Replacement Scheme,” if you happen to live in the U.S. If you happen to live in Australia, you can get yourself a new one from a reliable seller on the Internet like Macfixit Australia.

MagSafe Connector Pins

Sometimes the charger might work intermittently. Check if the pins inside the connector are stuck. In case of stuck pin, unplug and re-plug the charger in to the port. In most cases the pins will reset themselves. If this doesn’t work use your finger against the pin and gently push it sideways – the pin should reset. If it still doesn’t work, take it to the service center to be fixed.


It is good to periodically check the power port on your laptop and the adapter connector for dirt and debris. If there is dirt accumulated in the power port of the connector, use cotton or a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

Sometimes it might be something wrong with the battery. Remove the battery on your Macbook Pro and see if the computer works without the battery with the direct power supply from the Macbook Pro charger. If it does, chances are that your battery needs to be replaced.

It really doesn’t matter if your charger is in warranty or not. You can take it to any authorized service provider or any Apple retail store near you to be fixed.

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