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Stone sculptures are some of the finest examples of art around, and like any other show stopping piece it sometimes needs a little bit of TLC. There are many different methods out there when it comes to stone maintenance, and each form of stone is likely to need its own special regime of polishing and such. Here we take a deeper look into the world of stone sculpture care to see exactly how it’s done.


Marble Sculptures


Marble is a very strong and resistant material, and is commonly used in kitchens as worktops and around the home as flooring. Marble comes in a few varieties, but the general care of them is all similar. You can use chemicals such as white spirit to clean dirt and grime, but it is advised that you dilute it as much as possible, and remember to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation. It is best to use a cotton cloth as it will pick up the most dust, and is kind to marble. You should also avoid bleach as this could permanently stain the stone for good.

Limestone Sculptures

Limestone Sculptures

This material too is popular in kitchens, and is a main component in marble. It is advised that you use cleaning products that are specifically designed for limestone, and to steer clear of all domestic cleaners. The solution you use must have a neutral PH for the best results. When it comes to tools the most you need aside from your limestone friendly solution is a good old fashioned rag. Limestone is prone to scratches so you must be careful. They are also prone to staining, so any new marks should be cleaned as soon as possible.

Granite Sculptures


Granite has been used for centuries, and has many beneficial properties. When cleaning granite you can use very mild cleaning solutions, and to get rid of stubborn marks you can try using some baking soda. The soda lifts most stubborn stains, and leaves very little mess. Occasionally you may have to reseal the stone with resealer as it is a much more porous material than some other stones. This also means that it is prone to stains, so any marks need to be dealt with pronto.

Sandstone Sculptures


This is another material that requires you stay well away from commercial cleaners and other bleach based products as like granite this too can stain easily if left untreated. It can also be sealed with special sealer to prolong its shelf life even further. The best method by far is use of clean water and sturdy non wire brush. Its light enough not to damage the stone but strong enough to life most stubborn grit and dirt.


Your method of maintenance will always depend on the size of the sculpture, the material used and the sculptures age, but the general maintenance will always be the same. To find out more about stones sculptures and how to care for them, or to have a look around for specialised products, advice and services simple see what you can find online.


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