Indian Weddings: Adorn with Latest Jewelry

Jewelries are considered to be the most intimate pal of the female figure.  The personal ornament is the inextricable aspect of her persona and dominantly defines her stature. Jewelries since early ages have occupied a prominent place in decking up ladies, making her appearance more pleasing and enchanting. This article talks about various jewelry designs and patterns in vogue. Read on more to gain a tap on the latest jewelry in fashion.


Fashion jewelry is very much in fad these days. With wide variety of jewelry materials available both on expensive and inexpensive category, ornaments are strongly positioned in Indian homes. Indians love wearing jewelries, being the part of ethnic wear, jewelries are given due importance and are carried in different ways with different attires. Apart from the daily chores where just pair of earrings, a neck-piece and bangles is carried by the housewives, marriages are the right time when they can actually display their love for ornaments all loud and prominently.

The demand of jewelry is unduly high in the nation as every religion has its own held belief about the concepts of jewelries and the designs worn. The patterns usually preferred across states and communities. The patterns and designs by Muslims may completely vary from the ones worn by the Christians across the nation.

The demand of the jewelries rises in the festive and marriage season. As India is a land of mixed religions, therefore each festival is celebrated with all grandeur and excitement. Most of the festivals involve hopping of gold jewelry, especially Dhanteras, a festival two days before Diwali. Many festivals comprise worshiping of the deities with gold and silver.

Gold is important metal which is high on demand in the cities and states across, but the escalating prices has led many to substitute it with other less expensive metals. The designs and patterns preferred by the populace usually vary each year. Plenty of jewelry designers are evolving around the nation and pushing its brand and latest designs forward. Everyone cropping up with distinguished designs and elegant patterns sets a higher benchmark for others in the domains.

Marriage is the perfect occasion to brag on the expensive piece of metal. Rich, elegant designs and meticulously crafted intricate patterns have widely opened the market for jewelry. The striking pieces of ornaments as on today are also used to judge the lifestyle and living standards of the individual in the society.

A Cohesive Bond: Indian Weddings and Ornaments

Marriages in the nation are considered to be an important institution. Strongly believing in the values and traditions, the nation has an old ritual of Vidaai of the bride to her husband’s place, where she has to stay for the rest of her life till her last breathe. At the time of Vidaai, the bride is given gold jewelry; it is called “Stri Dhan” and is supposed to be with the female, it is given to the bride by her father. The bride can always use it in her bad days or when financial instability besieges. The concept might be fuzzy today but the practice of bidding farewell to the newly wed is still accompanied by giving her with substantial ornaments.

Various Jewelry Materials

As on day the jewelry is available in various materials with horizons getting widened and various metals explored widely by the jewelry experts. It is designed out of wide range of metals available today as in gemstones, beads, shells and other precious metals. The patterns and designs are widely accessible. Various jewelry designers entering the market unfolds their intellect and expertise by sharing pieces of remarkably well designed ornaments of numerous metals.

High prices of gold and diamond has laid extra pressure on pockets of the individuals and has therefore has called for other metal jewelries. Female prefer carrying sparkling jewelries and to avoid the extra cost of gold and diamond, they carry on other inexpensive metals to exquisitely deck up.

The materials preferred are amber, amethyst, emerald, jade, jasper, quartz and many others. The cost varies as per their accessibility and their brittleness. The metals which are hard to find are usually pegged at high prices.

Jewelry Designs

Few metals are easier to cast in to different shapes and sizes but few are brittle. Earlier there were only few designs with fewer techniques at exposure but today there are vast technologies which are brought in use to cast the metals and give them various shapes and sizes as per the designs etched.

Few designs in latest fashion are the molded jewelry patterns with stones embedded. Designers can throw a perfect balance of patterns in the earring and neck-piece crafted. Different color stones are used to give a bright touch to the entire piece. Adding a stone at the bottom of the earring or a prominent one in the center are few famous designs used by the designers.

Jodha jewelry is the legendary design richly carved and mostly preferred by the brides in their weddings. Right from the ears, to nose rings, neck pieces, bangles, anklets and few other ornaments, the jewelry completes a womanly figure. It is always said jewelry is better half of the female and completes her personality.

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