Important Tips for a Successful eCommerce Website

Packing in the 9-5 lifestyle and starting your own online business channelling your passion may seem like the start of a beautiful adventure. But there are a myriad of problems and obstacles which need to be overcome before your new endeavour can be called a success. Here are a few important tips when starting your eCommerce website.


Know Your Beans

Online shoppers have more choice than ever before and subsequently have the freedom of shopping around. One of the main factors which will determine your potential customer’s decision to shop with you is trust. Your customer will want to be assured that you know your stuff, otherwise they will struggle to place trust in you.

Make sure you fill your website with relevant and accurate information answering any questions your potential customers may have fully and concisely. Also, make sure you are available to contact if they have any outstanding questions, and always take time to address these concerns fully. Once your visitors know you’re wizened in the subject, they’ll be more likely to place their trust in you.

If your site is untrustworthy, you’ll soon get found out.

Be Visible

Shoppers are getting more and more savvy, making it important that you are transparent and honest in all your actions. Make sure you can be contacted directly from your eCommerce website, leaving a telephone number, email address and physical address. This can allay fears that the website is a con.

Sign up with Google My Business so customers can visit your location on a map, helping them see the business is legitimate and operating ethically.

Reduce Delivery Costs

One of the biggest overheads for your new eCommerce site (when the customers start rolling in) will be delivery costs. To keep your business competitive, it is important to seek the best possible delivery prices and pass those savings on to the customer. Different courier services offer different prices depending on the size, weight and delivery distance of a package.

Use a tool such as Rapid Parcel to ensure you are always getting the best possible courier price for your deliveries, keeping your prices down and customers happy. A couple of pounds extra on delivery could be the difference between welcoming a loyal customer and being chucked on the scrap heap.

Stay Connected

One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is that it has added an extra dimension to customer service. Because much of the correspondence on Twitter is done so in the public domain, it is more important than ever for businesses to keep the customer satisfied. Poor handling of enquiries or complaints can lead to (very) public relations disasters.  

But at the other end of the spectrum, elegantly used social media accounts can help people identify with your business and place their trust in you.

Utilise Experts

Control freaks look away – sometimes it’s necessary to ask for a little help. Starting an eCommerce business will incorporate a large number of different jobs and tasks which all need to be respected and carried out effectively and efficiently. If you are not the most skilled in the art of photography, employ the services of somebody who is. Whilst a start-up may not be able to employ a full time photographer, sites such as People Per Hour can help them find a freelancers to complete the job at a hugely affordable rate. For a very reasonable rate, you could soon have a website full of beautiful images, helping you sell your wares.

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