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You can upload any photo you want from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to your Twitter account in just a few quick taps at the device’s touch screen. The actual steps you have to follow, however, will change slightly depending on how you connect to Twitter on your device. You can either use the native Twitter application present in all versions of the iOS operating system after version 5, or you can use any one of the terrific third party applications that are available for download in the iTunes App Store.

Step 1

If you’re using the native Twitter integration on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, open the “Photos” application on your device. This is the application where all of the photos you take with the device’s built-in camera, as well as all of the photos that you save to your device from the Internet, are stored.

Step 2

Tap on the photo you want to share using your Twitter account. This will enlarge the photo and make it take up the entirety of your device’s screen. Tap the “arrow” button in the lower left corner of your device to open a new window of options. Tap the “Tweet” option to automatically send the selected photograph to the native iOS Twitter application. The application itself will also open on screen automatically. Compose any text that you want to send along with the photo. Click the “Send” button to send your tweet, complete with the photo and associated text, to your Twitter account. All of your followers will immediately be able to view the contents of the tweet.

Step 3

If you’re using a third party Twitter application on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, open that Twitter application at this time.

Step 4

Select the “Compose” button. This option may not be called “Compose” depending on which application you’re using, but it will always have a similar sounding name. It is the button that allows you to post a new tweet to your Twitter account.

Step 5

Find the “Photo” button in your Twitter client. Some applications may label this with the word “Photo.” If you’re using the Twitterific application, for example, this button is a small image of a camera. Use the window that opens to select the photo you want to tweet. Add any text that you want to your new tweet and tap “Send” to send that new message to your Twitter account.

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