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It’s hard to enjoy a vacation away with your family when all you can do is worry about the house. Is it safe? Did you turn everything off? What if there’s a break-in while you’re gone? To help lift that worry before your next vacation, here are some ways you can prepare your home to be just fine while you’re gone.

Vacation Time- How to Prep Your Home for the Trip

  1. 1. Clear Out The Fridge

Get rid of food that will expire while you’re gone. If you’re leaving for a couple of weeks, there’s nothing worse than coming back to a fridge full of moldy leftovers and spoiled milk smelling up the house. Do a quick clean out of the fridge and freezer, and you won’t come back to any unpleasant surprises.


  1. 2. Turn Off The Water

This is especially important if you’re leaving during the winter, when pipes can freeze and burst. You don’t want to find your house flooded when you return. Turn off the valve if it’s not likely to be cold and the main line if it is.


  1. 3. Install A Security System

If you’re worried about intruders or break-ins, this is the foolproof way to make sure your home stays secure.


  1. 4. Tell People

Let your neighbors know when you’ll be gone. Leave a key either with them or with a trusted friend who can access your house if necessary. If they see something wrong, like smoke, someone going in when they shouldn’t, or flooding, they can get in and help take care of the problem before it becomes an issue. They can also help pick up your mail so it doesn’t pile up in front of your door and alert others to the fact that you’re not home.


  1. 5. Lock All The Doors

Make sure you include garage doors, back doors, and side doors, even if you don’t use them very often. Close and lock windows as well, if possible. The last thing you do before you leave should be to walk around and make sure all your entrances are locked. It’s just a good extra security measure.


Follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry while on vacation again. Just pour yourself a drink, lie back, and relax, knowing your home is safe.

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