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Many individuals buy different versions of their domain names from a registration service. The two main reasons for doing this are using different extensions for the same name and using different spellings for the same name.


Let us start by looking at using different extensions for the same name. Let us take an example of a blogger who is writing a blog for a religious service. Hence, the blogger purchases three different extensions i.e., .com, .net and .org. By using this option, the blogger ensures that no one else can purchase the same blog name with a different extension. This will help the blogger guide his or her readers to the blog irrespective of which extension they type.

Next, let us look at using different spellings for the same name. We will continue with the above example of a religious blogger. Now the blogger is looking to make an impact with the domain name. However, he/she knows that the name chosen can be spelt in three different ways. Hence, the blogger registers all three spellings of the domain name under him or her. This will also help the blogger guide his or her readers to the blog no matter which of the three spellings they use.

Now let us look at how this blogger can park domains with a hosting service.

When the blogger registers with a hosting service, the hosting service will modify the settings at their end so that the different extensions are linked to the same page. So in effect, when any individual types in the same domain name with different extensions or different spellings of the domain name, while the domain name will change, the content will remain the same.


Effectively, the web hosting service is directing all three extensions to one singular page. However, this affects the popularity of the page with search engines because the same page is replicated thrice.  To solve this problem, the blogger will have to do the below actions.


First, the blogger will have to get all the three names registered with the web hosting service. This means at that the web hosting vendor’s end, all three domains will reflect in the blogger’s account. This practice is referred to parking the domain. Next, the blogger should login to his/her domain registration account. Once they are logged into the account, they can change the server details of all the domains to point to the same server address.


In order to resolve the duplication of the webpage at various websites, the blogger will have to define the primary domain and the secondary ones. Also, the blogger will have to change the coding of the website or blog to redirect all search details to the actual website irrespective of which extension or domain spelling is typed. By using redirection in his or her coding, the blogger is informing all search engines that there is only one domain and not different ones for the blog.


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