How to Get Rid of Rodent Pests

There is a saying, „Prevention is better than Cure”, and it couldn’t be more right. Doctors often advise people to go on regular check-ups, even if they are healthy, because it is better to spot a disease when it is still at the beginning. The same rule applies for house pests and household order. However, sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard we try, because we simply can’t manage to keep repugnant invaders away from our homes. If you are experiencing problems with rodent pests, maybe it is time to worry. Of all the house pests one could have, rodent pests are the most dangerous, aggressive and hard to get ride of.


Although I advise people to consult with a pest control company, and let an expert take over the situation, there are ways of getting rid of rats or mice, yourself. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. House extermination techniques vary from traps to baits. Snap traps, for example, are also dangerous for humans if they aren’t placed properly. I usually forget where I put my keys, so you can be sure that I will probably step into one of these traps. In addition, all traps, may they be active or passive, require a knowledgeable expert. Mice and rats should be removed from the trap as soon as it is activated.

  2. Mice and rats are extremely dangerous to human health for many reasons. First of all they feed on our food. Secondly, their feces and saliva contain viruses and bacteria like salmonella, which might be deadly for people. Thirdly, they are completely and utterly disgusting.

  3. Buy a cat. Sure, you might not be very excited to own your very own ball of fur, but you will see wonders done to your mice problem. Mice are naturally afraid of cats, and a cat, even if it isn’t the best hunter, can protect the home from annoying rodents. According to recent studies, homes which own cats as pets are better protected from mice.

  4. I really advised against home extermination methods like electronic repellents, sprays, traps and other solutions. Rodent pests are a serious problem which should be handled by a seasoned expert.


All in all, if your health is important to you, and it should, you will never have to be faced with a rodent infestation problem. As long as you live a healthy, clean life you will never have to call a rat exterminator.

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