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Sometimes you are not feeling like writing anything and your mind is so blocked that you want someone else to write for you. In such case, you can avail the services of some online essay writing company, which are providing good quality work. The trend of availing the services of such companies is increasing and it has opened a new business market for many writers.

However, choosing the right essay company is very important, because you are spending your money to get these services. There have been many cases exposed online in which these companies take the money from the client and just vanish from the internet. Such incidents have caused many people to loose their money and they were even unable to submit their work on time.

Therefore, here are some important instructions that you must keep in mind while choosing any online essay service providing company:

Page Rank

Checking page rank might seem strange to you, but trust me it is one of the best way to know about the credibility of a web page. Page ranks tells about the popularity and credibility of the page and the higher it is, the more credible it becomes. Good sites always have high page rank and hence it means that they are present from longer time and they have other positive attributes as well. You can easily download the plug-in for page rank to your browser. Page rank varies from 0-10. Choose the sites that have page rank of at least one. Low or 0 page rank sites are usually less popular and their credibility is also less.

Explore Company Site

Once you have decided the online company from which you will get your work done, next step is to explore their site completely. It will hardly take half an hour but it will be worth it. Look into their policies so that their response does surprise you if something goes wrong.

Check Price and Writer’s Capability

The rates vary a lot between sites. One of the main reasons for such different is that sites are operated from different parts of the world. If any site is being operated from developing country, they can offer you a good service even at cheap price because the labor is cheap in those countries. So once you are satisfied with their policies, filter that site which offer good rate per essay. Also, check the writer’s profile on the website. All good proofreading sites do mention the writer’s profile. This will increase your confidence on the company

Contact writer personally

Good essay writing companies gives you the facility to contact the writer personally (who is given your task) so that you can tell them in detail about you requirements. This helps you to ensure that you get the best quality work. Therefore, do ask your company about this facility and carry forward only if they provide such ease for their customers.

Avail Free Revisions if Needed

It happens sometime that the writer’s are unable to deliver what you are expecting. In such cases, companies do provide free revision facility. Therefore, check with the company that do they provide such option. Good companies always offer at least twice or thrice revision option.

Check Plagiarism Policy

Reliable companies always guarantee work that is free of any sort of plagiarism. These statements are usually mentioned on the first page of company’s website. So do ensure that the company you are choosing is also providing plagiarism free work. If there is no such statement by the company, it means that you are not choosing the right company.

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