How to develop a sense of humor

Jokes, quotes and self of the moment … The humor is the magic of life, one that can instantly transform the stress and tension in a smile! Considered the “drug” that highlights the lighter side of life in the “gray” zone of everyday life. Research has shown that a sense of humor contributes not only to the happiness and mood of a person and the health and creativity. Many employ their humor to cope with a bad situation. Others see it as “social glue” that helps create trust and relationships…


Finding the humor in our lives…

But even the spontaneous humor maintenance and development, considering that laughter is a science that is taught in many businesses and professionals. Anyone can cultivate an inner sense of humor, just noticed the bright side of life!

Laugh with yourself

And yet embarrassing moments can be converted into enjoyable for the attendees. Most people are more inclined to highlight the humor in an atmosphere of trust and intimacy, without realizing that it happens both ways.

Free yourself and try to see the funny side of unforeseen elements and the absurdity of life. This will improve the mood of those around you.

Trust your skills in humor

Humor helps to familiarize with your personality, so you can look at your face in the mirror. Discover your inner humor and let yourself be guided on his own laughter.  Watch comedies and read funny books and puns that can regain confidence in you. At the same time, read comic books or memorize jokes that make you laugh to tears.

Think of the kind of humor that suits you

Each person has a different sense of humor! Whether dry and sarcastic, either coarse or extremely excessive, the ideal type of humor for you depending on the circumstances and your character. When you make the choice, you will find that induce completely natural and spontaneous laughter to your interlocutors. Think humorous events from your past and bring the funny side.

The laughter in your environment

“Surround” yourself with funny objects that offer you a pleasant mood. Humor, after all, comes from the happiness of life. Put a funny poster in your home or choose a screensaver on your computer that make you smile. At the same time, socialize with people who have positive energy. Over time you will begin to annotate with funny and spontaneous manner and you will be able to fill your life with comedic elements!

5 things without “sense of humor”!

• Realize that not everyone has the same sense of humor. It is better to be surrounded by a few honest chuckles than many supposedly smiles.

• Having a sense of humor does not mean that we should strive to make others laugh. This will tire you and your friends.

• Humor intends to pleasure rather than anger and negative comments. Do not insult your interlocutor and note the irony in your reason why … turns boomerang!

• May be more of a sense of humor, but this should not become a pressure of your character. No need to constantly try to rapid hilarious comments, because you lose the sense of spontaneous humor.

• A sense of humor does not give you license to hurt others or ridicule them for your benefit. The result of such a situation is to alienate you from friends.

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