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It is extremely easy for a kitchen to fall into a state of chaos. In seconds, dishes can pile up, cupboards overflow and layers of grease slide over the bench tops. Sometimes, it feels like an endless battle where you’ll never come out on top. However, there are ways to get around the clutter and groat that accumulates in a kitchen.


We’re throwing a hint: find  a partner that loves to clean and your job will be easier.  For those who can’t find that dream clean partner, here are a few other tips.


Start With The Cabinets

The first important step is de-cluttering your cabinet space. Cabinets are easy storage places for food items but usually, nobody knows what could be lurking in the corners. It is important to have a cabinet where every item is located in their appropriate place. You  must know where each thing is situated. To begin with:

  1. Dig out an old cardboard box from the garage and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor.
  2. At the same time, grab a garbage bag and place it next to the box.
  3. Pull out every item in the cabinets of your kitchen and place them on the benches.
  4. Every item that you decided as not necessary for use in your kitchen should be placed in the cardboard box
  5. Every perishable item – either past its expiry date or will never be used – should find themselves in the garbage bag
  6. After sorting all the items, place the items back inside the cabinet in order. For example,  the items that you rarely use should be at the back or the higher shelves of the cabinet.


The Fridge

The fridge requires a cleaning method similar to the cabinets. Throw every item inside the fridge which has a passed expiry date straight into a garbage bag.

After this, organize all items – jars into one section, veggies into another, fruit into another and so on. This will create a satisfying sense of control and order.


Don’t Forget The Oven

An effective way to clean a dirty oven is by heating it to 150 degrees in the evening. It should be switched off just before you go to bed.

Before heating, boil a pan of water and add a half cup of ammonia into it. Place the pan in the oven and leave it there overnight. The next day, add a liquid wash to the ammonia liquid and scrub the oven walls and shelves thoroughly. Rinse the oven walls after the scrubbing and racks sufficiently to remove the strong ammonia smell.


And Finally, the Bench Tops & Sink

Typically, we just give the bench tops, stove top and the sink a quick wipe down with a cloth and water. Sometimes,  it is good to give them a thorough cleaning.

Baking soda is extremely effective at removing food and grease spatters. Simply mix three tablespoons of baking soda per cup of warm water and wipe the surfaces with a sponge. Rinse with a cloth of clean water and dry it off with a paper towel. White wine vinegar is also a suitable grease and food deterrent.  Using the same method as baking soda, you will see similar results in the removable of food and grease stains.

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the house. It should also be one of the cleanest rooms since it is where the food is prepared and cooked. Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is a must for any individuals who owns a home.

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