What and How Much to Eat in Pregnancy

How to Avoid Getting Stretch Marks and Fat on Belly in Pregnancy

While the rest of the world might be gushing at your blooming state, only you know the deep dark secret of your pregnancy: the stretch marks. Sadly, this seems to be an unavoidable part of any pregnancy. It’s something gaggles of pregnant women avoid, in hopes that they would eventually disappear, along with the baby weight.  Long after your pregnancy becomes a faint memory, these stretch marks will remain as a constant reminder of what your pregnancy brought you.

But this is no reason to retire your shorts and bikinis just yet! While there still is no cure for these dreaded lines, there are a ton of ways you can prevent them, or at the very least lessen their appearance. If you’re already seeing the first signs of the red blotches, read through these tips to see how you can stop it in its tracks.

What and How Much to Eat in Pregnancy
What and How Much to Eat in Pregnancy

Don’t Use your Pregnancy as an Excuse to Stuff Yourself

Too many mothers shrug resignedly to their almost unstoppable appetites with the excuse that they’re eating for two. While pregnancy is hard, it’s not an excuse to stress eat your way through those nine months. Remember that you will still pay for that fourth bag of chips you’re eating, once you have given birth. Doctors usually have a chart that shows the healthy weight gain per month of a pregnancy. If you’re tipping the scales, cut back on the junk food.

Your pregnancy is actually the best time to start with your healthy eating habit. The fact that you’re baby depends on your nutritional choices will give you more motivation to make better food choices. A good portion of your diet should also be comprised of fruits and vegetable, as these are the magic foods you’ll need to feel sufficiently full without the empty calories.

Moisturize, More Than Ever!


Based on the number of creams, lotions and oils marketed directly towards pregnant women, it’s definitely a requirement to moisturize during your pregnancy. Your skin is stretching in a lot of places, and skin needs support to keep it supple and healthy. Go for lotions with extra moisturizing elements such as Palmers Cocoa Butter or The Body Shop’s innovative Shea Moisturizing Stick. As a bonus, it’s extra relaxing to be rubbing your stomach with lotion several times a day.


Again, if you’re not doing the 8 to 10 glasses a day habit, it’s time to step up your game. Water is the ultimate skin moisturizer since it maintains the skin elasticity; your best friend if you want to prevent those dreaded stretch marks. This isn’t so hard to do when you’re pregnant because you’ll often feel parched. Just stay off the fattening sugary sodas and opt for ice cold agua instead.

Get Treatment

If you’re starting to see the first signs of stretch marks. Rush to your nearest drug store and grab a tube of StriVectin-SD, one of the most trusted names when it comes to lessening the appearance of stretch marks. It’s best to zap stretch marks when you first see them because it’s easier to lighten them if they haven’t spread yet.

Don’t Crash Diet After Giving Birth

While you might be raring to go back to pre baby weight after your pregnancy, don’t be too hasty. Rapid weight gain is not the only cause of stretch marks, quick weight loss is a culprit too. Follow a prescribed exercise plan that will allow for gradual and healthy weight loss. Don’t attempt short cuts that might do more harm than good.


Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience; don’t let it get ruined by your fear of stretch marks. If you follow all the tips, you can be sure that you’ll be rocking a flawless post-pregnancy bikini body in no time.

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