How to achieve the perfect home renovation without stress

As more people are deciding not to sell their home, they have turned their attention to improving their home with some manageable renovation projects, or perhaps they have purchased a ‘fixer upper’ at a knockdown price and need to plan an extensive renovation. The key to renovating is a good plan!


1. How to plan for a home renovation Renovating

a home can be prompted by many different things; a lack of space, an old property that needs improvement or an accident such as a flood making renovation more of an emergency! No matter what the impetus is for making improvements, the key to success is to plan carefully, budget even more carefully and stick to it! Seek advice from professionals if you are inexperienced in the field of renovations. It is very easy to get carried away; a small one room project can turn into making changes to half the house!

There are also many different levels of home renovation. Decide what is most important and what you can afford. It could entail knocking down walls, building an extension or just updating tired looking furniture and fixtures such as flooring or lighting. Updating furniture and fixtures is relatively easy and you can try to upgrade existing pieces or hunt around for bargains in furniture trends such as French style furniture or shabby chic furniture.

2. Tips for a smooth renovation.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, get as many recommendations on different contractors as possible. It is important to get a reputable contractor and do follow up on references. You need to trust this person and the quality of their work. Decide on what you want to achieve, the budget you have for it and try not to keep adding things to a wish list, or your spending will grow out of control.

Decide early on what aesthetic you are going for. Is it a particular style or design period in history you are going for? This is important to finalise early on as it can impact on how you will go about renovating and the position of walls and fixtures etc and after spending all this money, you are going to have to live with what you have done for a long time.

If you are employing a contractor, get everything in writing; what you assume will happen may be different to what the contractor has in his or her head. They may try to cut costs, but you may want to spend a little more for a finer finish. Iron out all the small details, as undoing them will cost you more in the long run.

Get a quote for everything in advance, right down to carpets and lighting. You will know all your expenditure in advance so there should be no surprises. This is why it is important to have a vision of your finished style. Be prepared for delays, renovation schedules rarely go to plan and you should also be prepared to pretty live on a building site for a while, unless you can move out while the work is being done.

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