Hotels: Corporate vs Private

When planning a holiday in England for a week or two, a short break or a business weekend trip, there are two different types of hotels in which you can choose to stay at.

You can choose to stay at corporate hotels which are usually national or international chains, or you can choose to stay at privately run local hotels.

Staying at local private hotels in England


One of the options available to you is to stay at privately run hotels, there are a whole host of benefits available to staying at this type of hotel.


There are many prime examples of privately run hotels in England, such as Panfield House in Braintree, Essex.


Private hotels are perfect for business trips and holiday lets due to their convenience, as they are privately run you talk directly to the owners of the hotel, as opposed to a customer service representative.


This means that you can easily request any requirements that will make your stay more comfortable.


These hotels will have excellent knowledge of the local area, which enables them to suggest activities and points of interest that are nearby that will either be of convenience to you on your business trip or will be fun or interesting for your family to do on your holiday.


Staying at a private hotel offers a more personal experience than staying at a corporate hotel as the staff of the hotel are usually the people who own the hotel themselves.


This means any problems you have, should you find some, are addressed immediately and you have a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Corporate hotels


Corporate hotels are big national chains that you will probably be familiar with, such as Premier Inn.


Corporate hotels tend to be a cheaper alternative, as they tend to be a national company they can afford to offer cheap rates to offer to people.


Also, these hotels tend to have more rooms readily available, meaning that it is easier to find a room for the length of time that you need within short notice.


However, there are some downsides to staying in a corporate hotel, you don’t get the personal touch that you experience with a private hotel.


This is because the staff that work there are doing so on the basis of the fact that it is just their job, and not because it is their own business.

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