Hotel Chocolat: Easter Range Review – Yummy!

It is almost unimaginable to think of a chocolate lover who has not heard of Hotel Chocolat, the brand that brings you exclusive chocolates made from cocoa that is grown in their own plantations in Saint-Lucia and Ghana. If you indeed belong to that small percentage of people who haven’t tasted their heavenly chocolates, allow me to give you a little background. Starting as a small chocolatier almost two decades ago with catalogue selling under the name Geneva Chocolates, moving on to Choc Express and finally to Hotel Chocolat, today the company has 70 stores across UK, and even a unique hotel and restaurant, set amongst the plantations.

With Easter just round the corner, I was approached by Hotel Chocolat asking me to publish my review on their Easter Range of Chocolates that are not just finger-licking delicious but also uniquely designed and packed, making for perfect Easter gifts. To begin with, it’s a broad range which has something to suit all tastes and pockets.

Extra Thick Easter Egg

300413_Easter 2015_Egglet extra thick

You can take your pick from the perfect extra thick eggshells that hide small, alcohol-free egglets in a variety of funny, smiley shapes and fruity flavors packed in a glittery box tied with a ribbon to packs of tiny or medium-sized chocolate eggs in custom packs.

Champagne Egglets

111539_Easter 2015_Champagne Stick Pack


Depending on the recipient of the gift, you can choose a milk chocolate egg or champagne egglets that are filled with premium champagne and pink champagne truffles.

City Bunnies Milk-Free Milk

111556_Easter 2015_City Bunny Box_Milk Free Milk

In case you want to pick chocolates without dairy content, they also have a milk-free range containing cocoa and almond powder.

The one that I could not help but pick for my 6 year old daughter was the Big City Easter Bunny. It came in a transparent pack and is basically a hollow milk chocolate in the shape of a bunny, all dressed to party!

Big City Easter Bunny
Big City Easter Bunny

The one that I must mention for its uniqueness is the Splat Egg Caramel, which is a caramel milk chocolate egg that comes with a colorful white chocolate splat. Another unique chocolate egg was the diamond-faceted Easter egg made up of 65% cocoa supermilk chocolate.

300430_Easter 2015_Facet Egg SUPERMILK

Of course, if you are buying it as a family gift, Hotel Chocolat’s Easter Range has a number of choices in The Easter Family Collection which has milk and white city bunnies, dark city bunnies, chirp and hop chocolate slabs, varieties of egglets, and yes, a Big City Bunny, all for just £35 and packed in a transparent gift box.

I found my perfect Easter gift at Hotel Chocolat and I am sure you would too.

Disclaimer:  I was sent a selection of Easter chocolates for the purpose of this review. All wordings are my own.

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