Home or away; Where to get wed

One of the most precious moments of every girl’s life is when she is proposed. After saying yes to this most awaited question, the next step is wedding planning. There are plenty of issues that need to be resolved i.e. bride’s dress, bridesmaid’s dress, the wedding cake, guest list, and the last but not the least the venue. Everyone has a dream wedding but there is no standard definition of a dream wedding. Some envy a fancy event while others prefer a simple ceremony. visit this website to get assistance on planning your dream wedding.



Find out what you want

Venue selection depends upon the personalities of bride and groom. If the couple wants to have traditional Balinese or contemporary wedding decor, villa location is the place. If the couple likes water then marrying in an aquarium is the right place. Beautiful lighting, a calm atmosphere and lots of colorful fish surrounding you will definitely make your special moment magical. Island is also an option for water lovers. Luxury tents on a small beautiful island make it the most romantic campsite on Earth. It seems as if nature is also celebrating your special moment.

Sports lovers also have great options to make their wedding a special event. Imagine how cool it would be to have a wedding ceremony or reception in the stadium of your favorite base ball team. Other unique options for wedding venue are the canyon, the cave, the landmark, on a mountain. Another place for getting married is the place where you first met. It can be a library, a museum, a restaurant, railway station or even a theme park.

Be creative


A Couple can also choose to get wed in the little white chapel of Las Vegas where many people including celebrities like Bruce Willis got married. Las Vegas weddings are quick, cheap and easy. A marriage license can be obtained with no waiting period. In addition, the wedding chapels in Vegas that provides everything from the bride’s bouquet to the required witness for one low fee.

Rationalize your decision


There can be many reasons for choosing a certain place for getting married. Some places are special because of the events they remind of, some places are fancy and some places are unique. But the best place for getting married is the one where you like. Clearly the size of your budget and the location, willingness and ability to travel of those who you want to attend your big day are all key factors which will influence your choice.

There is a lot to think about when choosing the venue for your wedding. Select the perfect location and start planning.  Use different ideas to make that place unique. Decorate it with fresh flower arrangements, colorful ribbon or beautiful lightening arrangement to create a romantic atmosphere.

1. Set a budget and check for any hidden costs.

2. Make a list of “must haves” but remember to be flexible.

3. Check that the date you want is available first to avoid disappointment.

4. Wait for that moment of “this is it!” – it will happen!


I would be interested to in get to know if chose to get married at home or away and perhaps what helped you to decide.

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