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Many people yearn for more room. However, they do not want to or cannot move home. This article discusses some ways to decorate or improve on space that you already have.

The longer we live in a home, the more belongings and clutter that we amass. Our needs change over time. What seemed like ample room when you were a couple can quickly become crowded with the addition of a couple of kids and all their toys. So, what do you do if you can’t or don’t want to move home?

Create a new room

Well-thought out conservatories or outbuildings can give you extra space and add value to your home. A conservatory has many uses, from a dining area or extra lounge to a children’s play room or utility area. An outbuilding such as a log cabin can be similarly useful and is ideal as a home office, teenager’s den or space to escape to. Modern design and construction methods mean that such rooms can be used all year round and are attractive too. Of course, whilst cheaper than moving, creating a new room requires a level of capital outlay. If you don’t currently have the budget, however, there are other options.

Reconfigure your existing space

Think about the space that you already have and how you actually use it on a day to day basis. Do you have a dining room that’s seldom used and a kitchen that has room for a table and chairs? If so, turn your dining room into a more useful space such as a play room. Do you have a large hallway or landing area that is unused?


If so, turn it into an office area and get all your computer equipment and filing out of the bedroom. We often use space how we think we’re supposed to, rather than change it to meet our actual needs, so work out how to maximise what you’ve already got and go for it.

Go minimalist

You don’t need to get rid of everything, but it’s amazing how much extra room you’ll end up with if you tackle the clutter. Take a good look at both the furniture and belongings that you have in every room. Do you really still need them all, or can some of them be given to charity, or be recycled or sold on a site such as eBay? If sorting it all seems a daunting prospect, tackle one room at a time and break it down so that you only have to tackle a small amount, such as a drawer each day. As you begin to see the benefit, you’ll feel motivated to continue. If you can, repaint the walls in a light colour to create an airy and spacious feel and buy some attractive storage units to keep the clutter at bay.

Whatever your budget, there is something you can do to create more space in your home. Whether it’s by creating a new room, reconfiguring an existing one or de-cluttering, decorating and sorting out storage, you’ll no longer yearn to move.

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