Home Decoration – Co-ordination or Contrast?

A discussion of the relative merits of enhancing your bathroom with either coordinated or contrasting designs and colours. Some ideas about how to manage each choice.


Coordination. Is it in or is it out? Opinion is divided in the interior decor world and you can pretty much choose the side which you feel most confident with. Some feel that coordinating interiors have had their day, but others argue that they have never been more current with the yoga influence that has dominated the design world in recent months.


In favour of coordination is the obvious sense of cohesion it provides any interior design. Colours blend into each other, or complement to the point that they’re so easy on the eye that the design element can go unnoticed. They demand nothing of those who inhabit the space. They are balanced, not threatening, uncomplicated, relaxing. There’s nothing whatever wrong with that in design terms. Zen interiors are very popular at present, mirroring the upsurge of interest in yoga and spirituality. Calm interiors, with natural colours seem timeless. For those to whom this appeals, there is nothing simpler to do than to choose a colour theme. Take a room such as the bathroom. We need to feel relaxed and comfortable in a bathroom and tiles and suites make this easy to achieve.

Accent points are generally tile motifs and towels. It’s worth spending money on quality towels and glass feature tiles. A row of glass mosaic tiles can totally lift a coordinated bathroom and the addition of quality towels adds to a sense of Five Star Hotel quality to any bathroom space. Even if you only use your thick, luxurious quality towels when people come to visit, they will be a touch that won’t go unnoticed. Think how delighted you are to find them in a hotel room!


If you prefer a contrasting look then you really have a whole world of choice. The trends this year and last, were definitely 50s in feel, but it’s hard to translate this look into the bathroom. Design simply hasn’t caught up with the explosion of demand. Utilitarian Eames style furniture never made it to the smallest room in the house, but there’s no reason you can’t use simple lines in your suite and add contrasting colours in tiles and towels and bath mats to zing your design to life. Look for stripes in towels, which are right on trend at the moment. Paul Smith kicked this design classic off years ago and it has never really gone away. Multicoloured pin-stripes are all the rage, contrasted with bold, architectural tile designs, reminiscent of the fifties. Look at the London South Bank classical designs, add a twist of modern muted lime and pink and see what comes out in the mix. You’ll be right on trend and end up with a bathroom unlike anyone else’s. Quality towels are, however, never something to skimp on. There’s tons of choice, so just find a good online supplier and engage with what they’re offering.

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