Holiday Ideas For The New Year 2014

As the year draws to a close, many of us spend time thinking of New Year resolutions that will help us feel happier, gain new experiences, and hopefully change our lives. For some, resolutions come in the form of quitting vices and career progression, but for others, resolutions come from a desire for new experiences and exploration. For those who are considering a New Year’s resolution that includes travelling more and seeing the world, now is the perfect time to start putting ideas into plans and booking a winter holiday to take in the New Year. Here are some amazing holiday ideas that will quench the thirst of those after new experiences and increased travel in 2014.



For many, there is no better adventure than Australia. With its vast expanses and beautiful oceans, those wishing to holiday here will want to take a longer break than if visiting other locations. Due to the country lying south of the equator, Australia is currently experiencing its warmer months so those heading down-under during January will have no need to back their winter coats.

Those visiting the country may want to make the most of the weather, and spend their time relaxing on Australia’s many sanding beaches. With beautiful natural highlights and Lizard Island lying off the North-Eastern coast those who are after an active holiday will love a ‘winter’ trip to Australia.

French Ski Trip


Lovers of outdoors sports should really make advantage of the snowy peaks offered by many ski resorts before the end of the season (usually mid-spring). With plenty of Alpine resorts in Europe, a winter sports holiday is accessible to those of all abilities and tastes.

From quiet, more romantic hotels, to family orientated slopes, there really is something for everyone in a ski holiday, and those who are festival lovers could go to Ibiza Rocks The Snow in Merible for musical entertainment at night and hitting the slopes during the day.

Relaxing Tuscan Break



For many, winter is a time to relax and get cosy, and Tuscany is the perfect location for those looking for a less active holiday. The Tuscan countryside transforms in winter with some parts covered in snow, so those wanting to experience picturesque nature and do some gentle exploration should hire a car, stay in a luxury villa, and take their time seeking areas of interest.

With cities being quieter, winter is the perfect time to visit tourist attractions in Florence and its neighbours, as the queues and crowds will be significantly shorter, but make sure you check opening hours beforehand to avoid disappointment.


Barcelona is another location that is beautiful year-round and filled with activities to do and sights to see. Visit the city in early January to experience the Epiphany and Feast of the Three Kings celebrations. On January the 5th, a procession fills the streets with sweets being handed out to children and is the city’s biggest Christmas celebrations. The local children will then leave their shoes out overnight to be filled with gifts.

Of course, the climate in the city does change during the winter, with temperatures dropping to around 9°C, so make sure that appropriate winter clothing is packed so that you can enjoy exploring Barcelona’s sights.


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