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Computer engineering is a lucrative career option. With bright job opportunities available in the field, a large number of students are pursuing a career in computer engineering. The following article highlights the career watch, job roles, career prospects and educational requirements in the respective field. Read more…


If you are a person with strong analytical and technical skills, you have all the chances to qualify as a computer engineer. Computer engineering is a field of work, which includes electrical and computer science engineering as two important elements. Since computing engineering has become an inseparable part of the society, this branch of engineering has become a lucrative career option for students.

A computer engineer is involved in testing, developing as well as evaluating computer software. The other areas of work include the development of business applications, computer games, designing operating systems and delivering technical support.

Career Watch


The career outlook for computer engineers is bright. With the technological advancements, every day new gadgets, technology and computer systems are brought in the market. The boom in the IT and engineering field creates an automatic demand for computer engineers in the global market.


These engineers find several job avenues such as public sector undertakings, educational institutions, corporate organizations, product development, and different industries like manufacturing and transport. In all the types of industries and organizations, the increased adaptability of computers has created a boom for computer engineers, experienced or fresh graduates.


Educational Requirements to Become a Computer Engineer


A proper knowledge of the field where you wish to pursue a career is important. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) mentions that the candidates holding a bachelor’s degree are eligible to become pursue a career in computer engineering. The aspiring candidate can pursue the degree course from any one of the top engineering colleges. The coursework in bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering mainly include important topics such as system analysis, database design, and technical writing.


The educational programs in computer engineering provide the aspiring students with a knowledge source that prepares them to perform well in a career field, which demands constant learning in the technical field.


Other Requirements


Apart from the degree in chemical engineering, the aspiring computer engineer must also possess several skills such as analytical skills to focus on different tasks, network & security knowledge, project management skills, strong mathematical skills, communication skills, and knowledge of latest developments in IT field. The knowledge of programming and object-oriented languages such as C++ is also important requirement.


Job Opportunities

The job avenues for computer engineers are not limited to just one or two options. Career as a computer engineer opens up several lucrative job options in software developing, programming, system analysis and designing. Some other lucrative areas of work include:

  • Communications System Engineer: They integrate, deploy and design optical and digital communication systems.


  • Computer Architecture: They are mainly involved in creating new designs for computer instruction sets. They also provide cost-effective and powerful computing by combining optical and electronic components.


  • Information Technology: It includes the management and development of information systems, which support an organization or an entire business.


  • Computer Engineering and Design: It includes designing and engineering new electronic components, computer circuits, microchips and other components.

Computer engineers gain extensive knowledge in the areas of computer science and electrical engineering during their curriculum, making them an ideal human resource for major employers in the IT field. Also, working as Hardware and Software Engineers, these engineers find great demand as web developers, programmers and e-commerce specialists.

Computer engineering is a dynamic field that has emerged and grown as a major driving force in the technical growth of the world. So, whether it is management consultancy, power plant, chemical or communications industries, career as a computer engineer creates a gateway to bright future prospects.

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