Your Guide to Hair Extensions

Not all of us are lucky enough to have long, luscious locks falling down to our knees, however much we may want it. Some hair types simply don’t grow to long lengths without developing split ends, thinning or becoming unhealthy looking or brittle.
Luckily, there is now a solution available for all those who dream of having thick, healthy Rapunzel-style tresses.

Want longer hair? Hair extensions are the ideal solution

Hair extensions, available in all kinds of different types and application methods, are the ideal option for people who want to add length, volume, texture or even colour to their natural hair. They are even available for people who have developed thinning hair or balding patches, due to alopecia or another condition.

If you are thinking of getting hair extensions for the very first time, you’re going to need a bit of help choosing the right type to suit your hair and to achieve the look you want.

Types of hair extensions

There are a few different types of hair extensions, and they differ according to what they are made of and how they are applied. Let’s take a look at the most common types of hair extensions:

o    Glue-based hair extensions. These extensions are glued directly to your scalp a strand at a time, or they can be used to attach new hair to your existing hair. If a low enough temperature and the right equipment is used, neither the glue nor the process should damage your hair or scalp.

o    Weave hair extensions. These consist of a series of hair threads, which are woven you’re your natural hair. It is mainly the underneath sections which are used, so the extensions won’t show. A hair piece or weft (a curtain of hair) is then attached to this woven base.

o    Non-glue hair extensions. These extensions are attached to your natural hair using micro-cylinders, without the need for adhesives. Although they take quite a long time to attach, these extensions tend to last longer than other types.

o    Clip-on hair extensions. You can apply these hair extensions yourself, as well as buying them cheaply. However, matching your natural hair colour and texture, as well as hiding the base of the extension, can be tricky.

o    Feather hair extensions. These extensions are a relatively new trend, sparked off by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Love Hewitt. They can be easily applied in a few minutes and are a great temporary party look.

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