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You want to give your living room a new lease of life but don’t know where to start. The walls aren’t unattractive, there’s still plenty of wear left in the flooring and the lights create just the right atmosphere – but what about your sofa?


As one of the biggest items of furniture in your living room it is surprising how many people overlook it when it comes to redecorating and that’s why we’ve put together this guide to choosing the perfect sofa.


  • Look at different designs to get an idea of what you do and don’t like. Sainsbury’s extensive choice of sofas is a good place to start and will have plenty of ideas.


  • Consider the style of your living room and what sort of sofa would fit in seamlessly. If wall colours are neutral all over then a dark sofa is good for a monochrome style while bright colours and bold prints are ideal for those after something truly different. If your living room is already a little lively in terms of decoration then keep your sofa plain and muted.


  • Decide what sort of base you want. Sofas can either sit upon legs or have a sweeping design that runs right to the floor. Consider what is best for you in terms of style and practicalities where cleaning is concerned.


  • Try your sofa out at a show room and evaluate the comfort. Sofas are about more than good looks and it’s important that you choose one which you’ll enjoy sitting on.


  • Place the sofa in the best area of the room to make the most of it. Placing it against a wall is a common option but why not stand out and place it more centrally? This is great if you have room to spare but even in smaller spaces you can use it to partition the room and distinguish different areas from one and other.


  • Remember that the shape of your sofa is as important as the size. L-shaped modular units are good if you have the room for them but otherwise a combination of a three-seater and two-seater can work just as well.


  • Give a lot of thought to the material and weigh up the benefits of each. Leather is classy but cool and slippery, while fabric is cosy but not good for spills. Any potential problems can be overcome just so long as you know how to care for the type of sofa you get.


  • When browsing fabric sofas, check to see if the covering on it wrinkles or stretches easily. If so, it may be difficult to keep its shape in the long term. A saggy sofa is not pretty!


  • Remember there is no rush to buy this important investment. Give yourself as much time as possible to make a good decision on your new sofa.

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