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A great model car collection is characterized by good condition and value. In some cases, the presence of the original packaging increases the worth of the collectible. Learn how to grow your collection of model cars and trucks and how best to care for them.


Deciding on Model Cars and Trucks to Collect

Some collectors readily find their desired model cars and trucks, while some people are stumped by the initial selection of styles and types to collect. Narrow your focus by first determining the types of model toys you do not want to buy, after which you can move on to obtaining those you truly find appealing.

You can collect model cars and trucks based on manufacturer’s brand, such as Corgi, Dinky, or Matchbox. You can also grow a collection based on a particular style or model. Examples include early classics, kit models, luxury vehicles, and racing cars. Material types (die-cast, metal, etc.) and scale sizes are also possible selection criteria. Or you can simply collect vintage models as opposed to modern ones.

 Sources of Model Collectibles

Aside from online stores and auction sites, you can also source model collectibles from estate sales, garage sales, specialty hobby shops, trade magazines, trade shows, and toy stores.

It is also a good idea to join online forums, groups, and message boards. By connecting with other likeminded collectors, you can learn fast about the specific model cars you are collecting. Some members can even point you to the best sources of the types of model cars you have been looking for.

 Determining the Condition of the Model Car

If you shop online, scrutinize the model car. There should be multiple views of the item so you can ascertain its overall condition.

Before you purchase a model car or truck, inspect its paint quality. There is a limited range of factory colours for original models, and you can easily master them. Also, learn how to tell an unrestored model car from one that has already been touched up.

Model collectibles in their original packaging can be more valuable, so check to see if you have any way of buying them in their original retail packaging.

 Estimating the Value of Model Cars and Trucks

The value of a model car or truck generally depends on its intended use. The ones for show usually cost more. Serious collectors know the model car’s intrinsic value whether they have sourced it from a scrapheap or bought in mint condition.

Know as much as you can about the model cars you are collecting. The most important details to know include historical data, manufacturer’s information, production date, and unique features of a particular model. Also, you should know whether you are looking at a fantasy car or a replica model.

Restoring Model Cars and Trucks

For beginners, collecting is what’s ideally recommended. Building from model kits and restoring collectibles require patience, time, and money. All in all, it depends on what suits you. If you are up for the laborious task of restoring vintage models, then go for it.

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