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You work hard. In fact, you work hard, maintain relationships with family and friends, provide for your kids, make home repairs, and manage your finances. You find yourself “on the go” from early in the morning until late at night, yet you cannot figure out how you have developed the business blues. You are too busy to be stressed, yet stressed you are. It is time for a vacation. Seriously. You need to take a break from all of your responsibilities and dedicate a little time to rest and relaxation or this overwhelming feeling of the blues will not go away.


Tips From A Professional

Many successful business people use the services of a business coach to help them achieve the success they desire. These coaches provide help and inspiration in many areas of business. However, one of the most important things a business coach teaches their clients is the importance of walking away from everything, even if it is only for a weekend.

Signs You Need A Break From Business

• Lack of Concentration. If you find that you simply cannot concentrate on anything at work, it is time for a break. Many times there is just too much going on, and the only way to deal with these issues is to take a break and think about none of them. Concentration returns when you are rested.
• Irritability. Do you find yourself snapping at your employees or clients? Are you becoming frustrated over the simplest things? Advice from a life coach, which are easily found at an online site like Noomii business coach directory, will warn you that irritability is a classic sign of over-stressed individuals, and you are in need of a vacation.
• Missing Deadlines. Finding yourself suddenly unable to meet all of your deadlines is another symptom of needing a vacation. In the past you met these tight deadlines with ease. Now, due to being over tired or over worked, you just do not have the motivation to make the deadlines work.
• Falling Asleep When You Sit Still. The minute that you find time to sit and relax, you fall asleep. This happens regardless of your intentions. This is a physical response to your stress level. This, in fact, can cause even more stress because you become frustrated at falling asleep when you wanted to do something else, such as watch a movie with a loved one. Your body is telling you it needs time to recuperate.
• Apathy. You find that you just don’t care anymore. You do not believe that you will ever get everything accomplished. You have given up pursuing hobbies for lack of time. You have decided that the way life is at this time is how it will always be for you. This is the most important sign that you need to take a vacation. Giving in to apathy will only make matters worse.

To maintain top performance at work and at home, you must be able to feel good. This means that you must be rested, you must be clear-headed, and you must be able to manage your stress. Taking a vacation can help you accomplish this with ease.

A  feverish worker and grateful vacationer, writer Ann Bailey includes these pointers for anyone feeling overwhelmed with business fatigue.

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