Are You Well Aware of the Changes in Google Ranking Factors in 2013?

Google ranking is the outcome that an SEO engineer has in mind while devising strategic SEO techniques for their websites or blogs. While every webmaster or blogger wants that their website attains the highest number in terms of Google ranking, creating an apt SEO strategy to accomplish this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

With the advent of the Panda-Penguin guidelines and their subsequent updates, Google has become a strict place, where not everybody can put their crap and get away with it. Freedom is encouraged on the web, but you must not lose out on quality for that. Google is not a place only for the elite, but it certainly isn’t the one for the paupers in content.


The year 2013 has seen major changes in the way Google has changed its ranking mechanism, and some of the factors that seemed the most critical and decisive till the year 2012 have little impact on Google rankings in this New Year. Google edited its algorithm this year, and this has affected the way rankings are impacted as well.

Content is Still Lord

Content plays a vital role in determining the ranking of your page even after the 2013 updates were made. Quality was the buzzword and always will be when it comes to content. Rich content drives your website to reach the rankings in the most organic way. So, you may minimize use of certain SEO techniques or eliminate them completely, but content must never be ignored.

The way keywords are inserted in the content, the size of the content and its uniqueness are important and will certainly bring the rankings higher. It was found that larger the text, higher was the ranking. Content that is refined serves to improve your rankings. Raw content with keyword stuffing looks unnatural and will lower the web page rankings.

Work More on On-page Optimization

The number of back links on a page determines its ranking. And quality back links are certainly preferred. Keywords have relatively lost their relevance in SEO techniques. So, hard keyword optimization techniques no longer determine the fate of the rankings in a major way though they do have minor influences. In order to get your website optimized in the best possible way according to new guidelines, hire the services of search engine optimisation UK experts to dole out the best SEO techniques for your website’s success. On-page optimization continues to be a major determining factor for the page rankings of a website or a blog.

Get Social

Social signals are a plus point, and greater the social impact of your website or blog, greater will be its rankings. So, if you have garnered greater likes and comments, and wider networks on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other portals, you will certainly rank higher when it comes to page rankings. Association with social media as well as the higher rate of activity on these will fetch you higher points.

Rich Media

Images and videos are held in high esteem this year as compared to the last year, and the more images and videos you incorporate into your content, the better it is for your site. Moreover, the richer the images and better the quality and relevance of videos, the better it is for your ranking.

Fate of Ads and Brands

More the number of ads incorporated in your content; the better it is for your web page rankings. However, stuffing your web pages or blogs with a lot of ads serves more as a hindrance to the main text and images and so will act as a turn-off.

Brands will hold the topmost position and will be preferred when it comes to allotting page rankings. Google has a soft corner for brands, and so even if brands do not follow the standard SEO rules and practices, they will be given higher page rankings by Google. So, make sure your content has lots of brand names incorporated.

Technical Factors Matter

Do not forget the technical factors that undermine the quality of websites and render them lower ranks. The better the loading speed of your web page, better is the rank given to that web site. The technical quality of a webpage, thus, is of utmost importance.

Writers and SEO engineers, beware when you write or optimize your web pages in the year 2013 as this year has brought on a whole new set of challenges which you need to overcome with breath-taking content and breakthrough SEO techniques. So, gear yourself with all the new tools essential to make you succeed in this year.


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