Go Green With Your Homes and Offices!

Being eco friendly does not necessarily have to be a luxury. It could start and end with simple steps that can be done by each and every one of us a on a daily basis to ensure the health of our planet.

With globalization and technology marking a whole new chapter in the world’s industrial records, the problem of global warming has come out to be the worst side effect of it all. To battle this problem homes and work spaces are going green. Major projects in Mumbai including luxury residences now infuse the concept of eco living along with comfort and class. How can you convert your own apartments in to green homes and work stations into modules of eco friendliness? Here’s how!

 1. Sun tubes:

One of the best inventions to promote eco living and working, the sun tubes is the next step into letting in the natural light. They function to reduce artificial white light and their system is composed of letting natural light from the rooftops into circular glass nodes of light with small tubes inserted as channels of power. They reduce cost and are energy saving mechanisms. You could invest in these to brighten up your work space and make it healthier and welcoming.


 2. Recycle your Trash:

Offices are sites which generally use a large amount paper and most of it wasted into unwanted copies by the end of the day. You could transform this wastage into something useful by recycling your stationary over and over again, thereby conserving more trees and also being cost efficient. Plastic bottles and plastic bags could be replaced by cloth bags and recyclable water bottles which not only help in keeping the environment greener but are also great ways in transforming your lifestyle into something that is more natural and healthy.  Also, regular recycling of your garbage is recommended and appreciated to promote eco living since recycling is one of its fundamental tools.


3. Save Water:

How often have we heard our own children tell us to close those flowing taps and to bathe with much conscious use of water as a result of what they learn in their schools? Saving water is the need for the hours and your home and workspace maybe be consuming more than the required amount. Saving water necessarily doesn’t mean to go out of the way and cut on your comfort zone but rather it means that you should induce a much more conscious and calculative use of this precious resource. Closing the taps after washing your hands or simply using 2 buckets of water instead of 3 are the simple ways in which we can save this element for global use.


4. Solar Energy Products:

Solar heaters, to solar coolers and solar generators of electricity are again the transforming mediums to convert electricity and save energy. These alternative techniques help in generating power throughout your home and lead to minimum wastage since they can be used as and when required. You can modulate your timings of energy consumption according to the amount required and then turn it off so as to prevent additional wastage. Also replacing old mechanical products with new ones, which are well above their durability period, is one of the simplest ways of power consumption.


Eco living is not as difficult as it is made to appear. But sometimes it can prove to be additionally since the equipments of solar products cost a bomb. Hence, try and formulate those tips which benefit you to living in an eco friendly way without being too harsh on your

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