Give your home a stand out look with upcycled furniture

Moving in to a new home can be an expensive business, especially if you don’t own much and need to furnish and decorate the place. Certain items – such as white goods – will unavoidably have to be bought in, but you’ll find with a little creativity you can give your home a unique feel for a minimum amount of effort and financial outlay with ‘upcycling’. This means re-purposing something to make it a little more useful, which is great news for the environment too.


Here are a few tips that could leave you with a bit of extra cash in your pocket to put towards everything from boiler insurance (to keep your central heating going) to unexpected household repairs.

Paint an old rug

It might sound bizarre, but it’s entirely possible to paint a rug to the colour scheme of your choice. So if you’ve been searching for a particular pattern to no avail for a while now, you might be better off making it yourself. Light coloured rugs naturally work better for giving a new shade to and all you need is a little fabric paint. Cardboard stencils and appropriately place tape can make sure you get the look your desire, without thing getting too messy. Of course, if you’re simply looking to give the whole rug a single block of colour then your task will be far easier and a roller can be used for application. Once it dries out, consider adding a fabric protector to keep it looking its best.

Bar stool desk


Finding the perfect desk for your home can prove to be a tricky, not to mention costly business. So if you’ve searched high and low but still haven’t found you for your home office space then why not consider making your own? You don’t need to be a woodworking expert to be able to do this, as picking a couple of bars stools will give you base and some solid wood drilled in to them will form the surface. So why not give it a go?

Embrace mismatched chairs


If you’re seeking dining room chairs then it can sometimes be far cheaper to pick them up individually at thrift stores. Get around the problem of them potentially being in different shades and styles by painting them all in the same colour. And if you’re handy at arts and crafts then consider reupholstering them yourself too.

Revamp a lamp


A huge range of lamp styles are probably available at a DIY store near you, but sometimes you can’t beat a classic, vintage look. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to find older lamps that are in great condition and available at a reasonable price. But don’t despair; a little spray paint can go a long way towards making it look as good as the day it was made.  For an added personal touch and to keep costs down further make your own shade!

Put your drink on a whiskey barrel

For a table with a difference why not try to get your hands on an old wooden whiskey or beer barrel? There are various things things you can do with these, but we like the idea of using them to place your drinks on top of. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even transform the inside of the barrel in to a drinks cabinet. This could be the perfect place to keep your favourite tipples and a few glasses. All you need to do then is pull up a bar stool, pour a glass full and relax!

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