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When considering a change of decor in your house, there are a number of factors to consider: how much you want to change, how much do you want to spend, what extra space do you need? This guide will take you through some of these stages.

5 Affordable Basement Makeover Design Ideas

One of the best ways to change the look of your house without breaking the bank is to ensure that the main body of the design of each space is neutral enough to be changed by using small adjustments. Use of accessories, accents, rugs and occasional pieces of furniture can create big changes to your spaces with minimal outlay.

Co-ordinated Seasonal Accessorising

If your dining room has fairly light and neutral walls, it can be very straightforward to change accessories and accents around the room to reflect the changing seasons. Whether you use different pieces of artwork on the walls at different times of the year to change the feel of the room, use dark wall hangings to make the space feel warmer in the winter, or remove the tablecloth in the springtime to allow the table to take pride of place amongst your oak furniture, you can create big differences by only making small changes.

If you would like to create changes by decorating the walls, remember that all changes need not be permanent. Temporary wall decorations including peel and apply wall decals are a fantastic way to give a room a different feel, which can be removed at a later date. These can be exceptionally useful in a child’s bedroom, especially if their mind changes often regarding their tastes!

Rotate Photographs Or Use Digital Frames

Changing the photographs used across your house gives you a great excuse to get busy with the camera and also will keep your home fresh. It is amazing how accustomed people become to looking at the same family snaps, whilst freshening things up once in a while with different pictures of holidays, events or landscapes will always provide something new to look at.

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Cushions And Throws Provide New Life To Old Sofas

Whilst you may not really wish to replace your sofas, using a throw or new cushions can breathe new life into your seating areas. Those feeling particularly crafty may even wish to run up some new cushion cases with funky fabric purchased from a local haberdashery. Also, for an interesting throw, why not consider a canvas dust sheet, which can be dyed to any colour you like. This makes a unique covering for your sofa, whilst costing a minimal amount.

When thinking about freshening up your decor, there are a number of options people can follow. It may surprise you to think that actually some of the most eye-catching ways to achieve this change are also some of the less expensive. Moving around your furniture and swapping photos between your frames costs nothing, but will reframe your rooms marvellously and can create dramatic changes to your living spaces. Finding a new way to accent the oak furniture in your kitchen could be as simple as removing the tablecloth.

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