Getting a Job in Fashion


The fashion industry is one that many people are desperate to work in and it seems cool, glamorous and exciting. It may not be an industry that people in other professions take seriously but behind the scenes it is as serious as anything else. Academics often bypass fashion as a mere whim but if you’re dedicated to a career in the area then you’ll need to be determined and ready to jump at any opportunity.

There is a wide range of different jobs in fashion, many which play on creative skills whilst others such as marketing or journalism do require more academic prowess. To find a job in fashion there are a few key points to keep in mind throughout your study.

Even if you have your own particular style it is essential you understand the current trends and the trends which are up and coming. Your individual interests and style will help you stand out and get noticed to a point but essentially your skills and knowledge are what matter. You need to be atop all the latest industry news so need to make sure you read the respected magazines in the field and of course the huge number of blogs.

Trends obviously begin on the high street so keep an eye out for look books. Fashion is also drawn from the cultural developments and even political change so all these elements should be drawn into your research. The more you understand about where trends come from the easier you will be able to spot them and recreate them in the future. Understanding fashion is absolutely integral to achieving your goals.

Knowledge is Power

Now you’ve got the necessary knowledge to succeed use it to your advantage. It can be used to get you noticed and prospective employers want to see your passion and drive. One of the ways to demonstrate your passion is to run your own fashion blog. It’s unlikely to make you any money to begin with but it does document your interest in trends and shows an insight into your world – it gives employers somewhere to look to see how you view and understand trends and fashion. There is a huge fashion Blogging community which you can get involved with and learn even more about how to get into the industry.


Above all else you need to get experience in any way you can. Chances are without experience you can visit as many fashion recruitment agents as you like and they won’t be able to help you. Your blog could be a springboard for free opportunities to meet with others in the industry or even to trial free products. You should keep an eye out for internships in fashion houses and at magazines and keep your mind open. You won’t be making big bucks but the knowledge your absorbing will be invaluable.

Putting these three things into action automatically makes your fashion CV more appealing and you can use it to impress potential employers.

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