Get your summer beach body by following these Five Simple Tips

This is the year that you can finally get that summer beach body you’ve always wanted. It’s time to stop making excuses and time to start making some simple changes to your everyday life so you feel good and look great. Start following these five simple tips today and look forward to strutting along the beach in designer swimwear this summer.

The first step in getting the summer beach body that you have always dreamt about might surprise you – make sure you eat breakfast. A large percentage of adults skip meals and the most popular meal skipped is breakfast. Unlike many people believe, skipping breakfast is more likely to lead you to putting on weight – not losing it.

Get the perfect summer body in no time
Get the perfect summer body in no time

So start eating a filling and healthy breakfast everyday, like porridge with fruit or boiled eggs and wholemeal toast. Not only will you become less likely to snack but it will also speed up your metabolism ensuring you burn more calories throughout the day.

Step two is one that might sound simple but actually proves to be the deal breaker for most people; cut out the snacks. No more biscuits with your morning cup of tea, cut out that slice of afternoon cake and no crisps on the commute home. This is always hard at first but soon you will realize that most of the time you were eating out of habit rather than because you were hungry.

If you do feel hungry between meals then try eating a piece of fruit or a selection of nuts with some natural yoghurt, this should keep you going until your next meal.

Next, try not to eat after 7 pm. It has been proven that the body finds it much harder to digest food later at night, so if you can keep you evening meal before 7 pm this is good news for your metabolism and your waist line. There is also a lot of research that says  not eating late in the evening can help with sleep, which in turn can mean that you feel fuller for longer throughout the day.

Now that you have taken the first steps into shedding some of those unwanted pounds it is now time to focus on improving your abs. There are no shortcuts to looking good, it takes time and motivation, put in the effort now though and you will be reaping the rewards in no time. Start adding an abs workout into your daily routine, try abdominal crunches first, with three sets of 12 reps to begin with and each week take this up by one to two reps. Work at your own pace, but as you feel you stomach getting stronger try more exercises focusing on your core such as planks and side crunches.

The last step in getting that beach body is to join a gym or start a gym class. Working out at least three times a week will ensure that not only do you look fabulous and feel fabulous but that you stay in shape all year round.

Find a gym buddy to help you on those days where you are lacking motivation, and try lots of different sports form yoga to swimming, until you find what works for you.
Follow these five steps and you will be wish it was summer everyday just so you could show off the amazing beach body that you always dreamt of and now have.

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