Get Rid Of Cracked Heels to Get Beautiful Feet

Attractive personality and face is what everybody wants. But in the pursuit of getting a glowing face, people neglect their feet. Only few people know and understand that clean and maintained feet are a part of the personality as well. Those who know this make sure to prevent cracked heels in any season. Usually people pay attention to their feet only when the problem gets severe and painful. Experts believe that such problem needs to be addressed in the initial stage itself. The nonprofit organization IPFH is trying to create awareness about the importance of maintaining heels and the problems it can lead to.


It is very important to understand causes that lead to cracked heels. This can vary from one person to other and therefore one must know how to remove that according to the condition. One can go to get rid of cracked heels to find various remedies according to the cause. Some major reasons of cracked heels are:

  • Deficiency: Those who believe that the cracks develop because one walks a lot might be wrong. The cracks can also form because of improper diet. Deficiency of zinc and Omega 3 can lead to the problem.
  • Wrong footwear selection: It is very essential to choose footwear according to the foot structure. Those who need to keep standing for long time during work must always buy comfortable footwear instead of preferring long and stylish heels. Also, it is necessary to change between closed and open footwear.
  • Overweight: Those who are overweight also face this problem because the feet bear the whole body weight.
  • Diabetes and skin diseases: If a person is suffering from diabetes or anhidrosis, he has dry skin that cracks easily.

Getting Beautiful Feet


There are many ways of getting beautiful heels. One can either opt for home remedies or can choose to consult an expert. Usually home remedies are easy but then one should have patience as the results come after some time. On the other hand, consulting an expert and getting a foot spa gives quick results. There are foot creams that can be applied to the cracks. These creams not only help in treating the cracks but also lead to soft skin without any marks. In case, one has a severe problem and it bleeds, then he must make sure to use an antiseptic to clean the wound and consult a doctor first.

Those who have dry skin conditions must use oil or moisturizer every day and if the cracks are due to skin disease, it is essential to take prescribed medicines regularly. One must always remember, feet are an important part of the body and the personality and so it is necessary to maintain them as well.

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