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The Fourth of July is right around the corner. During that day, you will probably eat the same old food: hotdogs, apple pie, chips, etc. I like to take a more fruity approach for my Fourth of July festivities. While most of these fruits are dipped in frosting or chocolate, they do present a slightly healthier alternative than the norm. What I like most about these creative fruit options is their proud display of patriotism!


1. Watermelon Stars and Blueberries Stripes Fruit Bowl

This is a very simple dish that is easy to make, but it’s an eye pleaser. Simply get a star shaped cookie cutter, or, if you’re brave, you could try to cut the stars out manually, and chop up that watermelon!
Once you have the appropriate amount of watermelon stars, place a layer in the bottom of a clear serving bowl (clear so everyone can see the fabulous colors), and then place a layer of blueberries. Keep doing this until you’ve reached the top of the bowl. I like to leave the stars on top of everything so that they stand out clearly. That’s it! Simple!

2. Patriot Party Parfaits

This recipe is also fairly simple, but still wonderful. If you decide to make both the dishes so far, be sure to get plenty of blueberries. For a Patriot Parfait, all you need is vanilla yogurt, blueberries, and strawberries. Be sure to use tall, clear glasses for these parfaits so that your guests can see the stripes that you will create.
I like to start with a layer of strawberries on the bottom, like the flag does, then move on to a layer of yogurt, then a layer of blueberries, and a layer of yogurt again. Be sure to alternate the vanilla yogurt between the fruit layers for a more flag-like look. If you feel so inclined, as I often do, put a little toothpick American flag in the top of the parfait.

3. Fresh Freedom Fruit Kabobs

In this recipe, there are more strawberries and blueberries – they are flag-colored fruit staples! This time, for our white color, we are using marshmallows. The beauty of this recipe, like the rest, is its simplicity. All you need are fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, marshmallows, and kabob sticks.
I recommend slicing up the strawberries horizontally into about 1/4 inch slices so that you don’t overload the stick with too strawberries. Also, I like to cut the marshmallows in half to keep the kabob nice and tidy. After all the slicing is finished, alternate red, white, and blue on the kabob stick until you have about 10 individual pieces on the stick. Stack ‘em on a plate, and they are ready to go.

4. Stars and Stripes Strawberries

This is a very simple recipe, but can look a little silly. All you need are strawberries, white chocolate and blue sugar or sprinkles. Melt the white chocolate, dip the strawberry in the chocolate up to half way, and then dip the tip in the blue sprinkles, voila!
However, I find this recipe makes the strawberries look a little sad, and the sugar is a bit much; sometimes it’s best just to leave the decorated strawberries to the professionals, especially if they are going to be a gift for a neighbor or a friend on the Fourth of July and you really want to impress them.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the fun fruit creations for the fourth. If you can think of more ideas, please leave a comment below so that we can all learn something new for this Fourth of July!

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