Five Tips for Moving Like a Pro

Moving can be one of the most stressful times of our lives. The emotions stirred up by leaving a place where we have spent much of our lives and have important memories are strong enough, but the logistical challenges of getting all our furniture and possessions from one place to another can be overwhelming. Approach your moving experience as a professional would and you will have an easier time. Here are five simple tips for making your move smooth and problem free.

Get Organized

Objects of the same size and shape should move together. All the things for the kitchen should be put together before the move and kept in the same place during the move so that they can be easily put away after the arrival. Put things that you will need access to in one place so that you do not have to tear everything apart looking for them. An inventory can certainly help, especially if you are using a moving service.

Use Storage Units

Take the pressure off. A storage unit can be your safety valve. It is the perfect staging ground, organizing area, and overflow container. Best of all, storage units are secured. You can leave your most delicate and fragile things there for careful transport later. The back of a moving van is simply too dangerous for fragile works of art or nature. Fort Lee NJ storage suggests that storage units are perfect for holding them safely until you can give them the individual attention that they deserve.

Do Not Box Everything

It may seem counterintuitive, but certain types of objects do not benefit from boxing. Soft and floppy objects do better in bags than in hard-edged boxes. Many more clothes can be carried on hangers in a hanging bag or simply rolled up. When you are packing the car or van you can simply squeeze soft objects into the corners and use all that extra space that boxes can never fill.

Use Your Friends Sparingly

Helping friends move is a time-honored tradition. You have probably helped many friends over your life, and now they will come to your rescue. Honor their sacrifice and make their contribution easy. First, have everything organized and ready to go when they arrive. Do not make them stand around waiting while you frantically throw things in boxes. A friend is there to lift, carry, and make pleasant conversation. Give them a steady supply of boxes to lift and no other complications. Second, reward them with pizza and beer. It is the least that you can do.

Watch Your Back

As always, in any enterprise involving heavy lifting, watch your back. Lift with your legs and ask for help with heavy objects. You only have one spine, and damage to it can last a long time.

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