Find Out What Is On Trend For Fashion Summer 2013

Everyone’s favourite time of year is upon us. Summer brings warmth and sunshine, a whole new set of wardrobe opportunities. Who doesn’t like to shed the winter layers and embrace lighter fabrics, shorter hem lines and sandals? Check out the hottest summer trends to ensure you are looking your best.

What Will We All Be Wearing This Summer?

Every season there are a few core looks taking centre stage and filtering down from the runway to the high street in a more wearable form. You don’t have to adopt an entire ‘look’; but just pick and choose your favourite pieces and avoid looking like a fashion victim too! This summer you will find the shops full of monochrome, contrast, grunge and blue. Grunge has made a comeback, but in a different guise to what you might remember in the 1990s. Key pieces include biker jackets, utility trousers made from canvas, heavily distressed denim and jumpsuits. Key patterns include check and tartan and a splash of florals lessens the masculine look here. Contrast is another key look where different colours, patterns and textures are mixed to great effect. Don’t be afraid to go bold and mix florals with check, photo prints and geometric patterns or tiger print with gingham. This is not a look for the shy and retiring and it is also a great opportunity to experiment with unusual fashion jewellery.


Monochrome And Blue

Monochrome is a trend that never really dies, but every now and then it comes back to the fore and this summer is the season to ensure your wardrobe has some black and white looks in it. Top designers such as Prada, Balmain and Dolce and Gabbana are championing this look again and no doubt you already own some items that can be used to wear. This is a very easy look to put together and wear as the options are limitless but the monochrome check is the key piece here. You may remember a trend for cobalt blue a few years ago and this gorgeous hue is back again. It looks beautiful in the summer sun and again it is very easy to wear. You need only pick one piece, such as a skirt, or cardigan, or go for it and wear it all over like Stella McCartney or Burberry Prorsum. It is also a colour that looks great as part of a pattern and absolutely stunning against white.

The Best Of The Rest

If none of the above appeal to you then you won’t go wrong embracing fringing, flamenco style ruffles or some Geisha styling with a kimono jacket and obi belt. Trends in jewellery also reflect clothing trends with plenty of fringing, geometric shapes and contrasting textures and colours taking centre stage. If you prefer classic and simple pick up an oversized white shirt or white tuxedo jacket. There is something for everyone to embrace this summer. Why not step out of your comfort zone and try some looks you might not normally wear. Summer is the time to be bold and stand out from the crowd!

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