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If you are a person that is looking for that smooth, clean shaved face each morning, getting the right tools for the job is essential. Not only is the right razor important, but other products you use during your shaving routine as well. Here are some of the essential tools you will need to have that perfect shave every time.


Shaving Cream

The first tool of shaving is the shaving cream. To get a great shaving cream, it may be better to skip the cheapest options. These options could have components that irritate your skin. The best shaving creams are typically glycerin-based so that you will moisturize your skin while you are shaving. Creams containing menthol should be avoided because this ingredient can prevent you from feeling the razor when it is dragged across the skin.

For better exfoliation of your skin, you may also want to pick up a quality shaving cream brush to apply the cream before each shave.

Razor Options

While the type of razor that you get is generally based on your preference, the quality of the blade is the most important element in choosing the right razor. Whether you like disposable, a refillable Mach 3 razor or a straight razor, making sure the blade is proper sharpened will help you razor last longer and work well every single shave. Cleaning the blade after each use will help you keep that sharp edge.

Aftershave Lotions

Typically, aftershave lotions are not a necessary tool for your skin to stay smooth and looking its best, but if you like using this type of product, it doesn’t hurt to do so. Many of the higher end lotion products will provide more moisture to your skin.

With companies such as The Art of Shaving, you can get all of these tools and more for your shaving needs. Even if you have used the same razor and shaving cream for decades, switching to top quality products will make your shaving routine better for your skin and help you save money in the long run since you won’t have to run out and buy anything but the best.

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