How To Ensure You’re Wearing Your Fragrance Correctly

Even though there are many recommended ways to wear your fragrance, there really are no hard and fast rules. If you want to spray it all over your body and then reapply it every few hours, then that is your choice. Of course, if you’d rather spray once and then go all day with just that morning spritz, that is fine too.


However, there’s no arguing the fact that there are a number of ‘better’ ways to wear perfume than the two methods described above. So, if you are unsure and want to be more knowledgeable about how perfume ‘should’ be worn then take a look at the tips below.

1. How much perfume should I wear?

This can be very subjective and you will always find people who wear way too much perfume, as well as much too little. In amongst these people will also be those who don’t wear any perfume at all and those who have sprayed just the right amount.

The key thing to remember about perfume is that it is there to be worn, so don’t waste it by only using a few drops at a time. However, likewise, you don’t want to lather it on and use it up incredibly quickly, especially if it is expensive. Wearing too much will also overpower people who are standing close by you, which you don’t want. Ideally, you should use two sprays if your perfume is high in concentration and three sprays if it is low in concentration.

2. Where should I apply my perfume?

This is always a big point of contention amongst perfume wearers. Ideally, you should always spray the pulse points on your body since these points will help dissipate the perfume and help it last longer too. These points include the wrists, the hollow of your neck, behind your knees and on your chest just above your heart. A drop of perfume on these points should be more than enough to see you through the majority of your day.

3. Should I just stick to one fragrance?

Many people will have a favourite fragrance and stick to it no matter the time of day and no matter the occasion. However, it is better to have a selection of fragrances to suit daytime, such as floral and light scents and the heavier, warmer scents for the evening. It’s also important to vary your scent for different occasions. For instance a perfume that you wear to a christening should not be the same as one that you wear for a night out with the girls.

Another reason for changing your fragrance every now and then is that your body will eventually become used to your favourite perfume. This means your body chemistry will end up absorbing and disguising the scent, instead of sending it out as it is, which means you won’t smell like your favourite fragrance anyway. It is therefore much better to have a choice of three or four perfumes to wear.

4. Where should I store my perfume?

If you’re going through all the bother of buying new perfumes, you’ll want to store them properly in order to ensure they go the distance. The majority of perfumes have a shelf life of around three years; however, this can be a lot less if not stored correctly and you’ll find they start to smell stale.

When deciding where to store your perfume, it is best to leave them in an area where it is nice and cool, as well as away from direct sunlight. Some people choose to store their perfumes in their bathroom but this is a bad idea, since the atmosphere is much too moist. You can also store your perfume in your fridge for a day or two at a time, since this will make the scent last longer.

5. How can I make my perfume last longer?

There are a number of ways to make your perfume last longer once you have applied it:

–  Layering: When buying your perfume, be sure to buy its matching body lotion and shower gel. Using these, in addition to your perfume will ensure the scent sticks with you throughout the day.

–  Shower before applying it: This will warm up your skin, open your pores and make your body ready to absorb your perfume. Warmer skin also conducts perfume a lot better, ensuring it dissipates out slowly from your body throughout the day.

–  Moisturise before application: A lot of how to make perfume last longer is about ensuring your body is thoroughly prepared.

Showering is important but so is moisturising your body before applying perfume. Moisturised, slightly oily skin is much more effective in retaining fragrance than dry skin.

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