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Are you surrounded by some very bad tensions? Do you want to leave all your worries and need a place to forget all your hurdles of life? Most of the time, our life is just surrounded with lots of hard work, labor and busy lifestyle. In order to get some relief from the busy and hectic life, we should think of some good and interesting activities.

We can perform so many activities which make our mood jolly and also make our time enjoyable and memorable. We can join some dance classes, sports classes or do some activity at home like cooking our favorite food, watching a funny video with our family and many more.

There is one more way which can help a lot to remove all the stress from our life and that is a good holiday. Whether you are a beach lover or you love to explore some ancient places of the world. The following two places will help you to make your holiday memorable.

Turkey: Gamirasu, Cappadocia:

Once you will step into this place, you will fall in love with it. In the heart of central Turkey, Cappadocia’s history as colorful as the terrain. These honey peach mountain outcrops, punctuated by flame like’ Fairy Chimneys’, were  a theatre for the campaigns of Alexander the Great and later, clashes between the Armenia and the Romans. But it was in the early days of Christianity that they came into their own. Christian converts carved underground cities in Cappadocia’s caves, protecting them with tunnels and boulder body booby traps.

Many of these subterranean dwellings survive today. Exploring their nooks and crannies is a fun day out; even better is staying in one at cave hotels such as Gamirasu, a 1000 year old byzantine monastery converted into an underground hotel.

You will be surprised to know what Christians do when they are feeling the stake and sword. Kick back and coconut some decent grub, that’s what. Gamirasu serves six course Cappadocian cuisine a road to Damascus style epiphany for the palate or book a class traditional Cappadocian cookery skill.

VENICE BEACH, LOS ANGELS: Less crowded than Santa Monica and less uppity than Malibu, the huge swathes of buttery sand supermodel skinny palm trees aren’t the only things going for Venice. It’s also the most fun of LA’s beaches, reviling in its slightly scruffy reputation.

The four kilometer long boardwalk attracts a parade of oddballs, mom Schwarzenegger wannabes pumping iron at Muscle Beach to free speech enthusiasts- all of it so captivating that the beach itself is usually gloriously empty.

Venice is at its best on weekends as performers and artists line the boardwalk-though if you are more intrigued by Music beach, pick a weekday as the hunks tend to take weekends off. And don’t be shy with the Baywatch-style lifeguards in their little wooden huts they like a good flirt.

So what are you waiting for, just choose one of the above destinations and enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.

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