Effective Fitness Exercises for Moms Without Leaving the House

The life of a mother is long and strenuous with minimal time to herself. It is very easy for a busy mom to forget about nurturing and looking after her body, particularly after pregnancy. Stress and fatigue can result in poor diet choices and little to no exercise. However Exercise does not have to consist of a solid hour of intense physical activity, or a visit to the gym. Exercise can be performed within a Mother’s home, whether it be in the lounge-room, kitchen or bedroom. Here are five simple exercises for mom’s to perform every day while maintaining a loving and controlled home.

Photo Credit: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/cheap_effective_home_workouts.htm
Photo Credit: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/cheap_effective_home_workouts.htm



The Plank can be performed in any room of the house. It works all abdominal muscles, lower back, glutes and shoulders. All you need is some floor space the length and width of your body. Begin by kneeling on the floor. Bend elbows and place forearms on the ground, clasping hands and forming a triangle with hands and elbows. Straighten the legs while balancing on forearms and toes, with feet 5 inches apart. Ensure that your bottom doesn’t stick up in the air but is level with the rest of body, making a straight line from your heels to head. Begin by holding for 20 seconds and slowly build up over time.



Squats and lunges are simple but effective ways to tone up your bottom and thighs. To perform a squat simply stand hip-width apart. Hold your arms out in front of you at shoulder level and hold your back straight and strong. Slowly bend your knees to a 90 degree angle while maintaining a straight back before standing up again. Repeat this method in three blocks of ten. For lunges simply stretch one leg straight behind you while bending the other one forwards. Maintain a rigid back and repeat in three blocks of ten.



A mother needs strong and toned arms. Push-ups are the most effective and simple form of achieving desirable arms. Place palms on the ground shoulder-width apart. Straighten legs straight out behind you and form a position similar to the plank while balancing on your palms and toes. Then bend your arms so that your nose scrapes the ground before pushing the body back up. If it is too intense to begin with, simply balance on the knees rather than the toes, thus reducing the weight on your arms.



Crunches are probably the most common form of strengthening the abdominal muscles. Crunches require you to lie back-down on the floor with knees bent. Place hands behind the head and bend your head towards the knees until your abdominal muscles tighten and resist. Lower back to the ground and repeat in five blocks of ten.



If you are someone who wants a vigorous and upbeat workout yet has young children holding you back from running, swimming or dancing, an exercise video is perfect for you. Women such as Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford have designed videos for all levels of fitness and provide an educated and inspiring approach towards getting fit while staying within the family home.

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