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Almost every company, business, organisation, charity, government department, relies on their business documents to store information and keep data on tap. Companies will create thousand, more likely millions of business related documents every financial year and each one of those will need to be filed away, stored securely, indexed correctly, accessible on demand and protected. It is becoming a larger, more difficult and certainly more time-consuming task for nearly all organisations.

This ever growing paper mountain bring severe environmental worries as well as financial worries associated with using and storing these millions of business documents. With scanners becoming better quality, optical character recognition becoming more accurate and computer storage becoming cheaper every year, it makes sense that companies will start to look at archiving these documents digitally.

Document management software or as it is sometimes know, ‘paperless office’ technology will replace the office based paper heavy processes with digital procedures. As well a simple stand alone systems, there are document management systems that will integrate into a company’s accounting and ERP system offering a truly integrated approach to document imaging and storage. With these systems integrated tightly with the business accounting software or ERP system. Document creation, delivery, archiving and retrieval are only a few mouse clicks away.

Document imaging systems not only reduces the amount of paper that an organisation will use, helping them achieve their environmental and corporate responsibility goals, it also makes excellent business sense. Document management will form a persuading argument for any type of company or organisation.

Some of the key advantages are likely to include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Reduced archiving costs with no need to pay for expensive off site storage
  • Increased efficiency allowing staff to be redeployed to more value adding tasks
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Helps address your corporate social responsibility and any green agenda.

By storing documents in a digital archive, statements, purchase orders, debtors letters, invoices and other important business documents can not be lost or misfiled and can be retrieved almost instantly anywhere in the world which makes incredible sense for organisations that work from multiple sites.

In these cash strapped times, organisations should be looking at other ways to create savings and document management is one of the quick wins that can make a real difference to an organisation’s bottom line as well as allowing them to make real steps to addressing their corporate social responsibility.

Jim Seward writes about document management software for business as well as other business systems

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