Decorate Practically and You Will Thank Yourself Later

Decorating your home is not just about making it pretty, it’s about creating a space that works for you and feels comfortable. While interior design may seem like a creative pursuit, practicality definitely has its place and you will thank yourself later if you consider it in your plans.


Planning to redecorate your home may seem like a fun and exciting prospect and it certainly can be. Just because you are having fun though does not mean that you should throw all practicality out the door as considering a few helpful things in your planning will make life easier in future. Practicalities like large storage spaces, smaller storage solutions and functional furniture can add to the experience and feeling of your home, if not the look.

1. Storage Spaces
Storage space should be one of the highest considerations when you are looking at re-decorating your home. Unsurprisingly, going for a minimalist look when you have a million things to store can be difficult so considering your needs first can help you get a balance. If you are planning on carpeting the upstairs hall, for instance, make sure to think about larger storage spaces for the hoover and all those spare Dyson parts. You will definitely regret it later if you need to continually lug a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs.

2. Storage Solutions
Large storage spaces are important, but so again are smaller ones. Look at ways and means to make life for you future self simpler and you will be surprised at what you can come up with. Storage space on each floor of the house for cleaning products will save you multiple trips while looking at where the most ‘stuff’ collects can help you to identify the path of least resistance. Don’t be mad at yourself for being unable to break the habit of dumping your unsightly keys and change on the hall bureau, work with yourself and buy a stylish bowl or other receptacle to keep the area tidy.

3. Functional Furniture
This philosophy applies to furniture as well. Where you can support yourself and your wants while also meeting your needs is where future happiness lies. If you are in the habit of reading on the couch and have a massive stack of paperbacks lying at the end, look at furniture to help store this more tidily until you are able to collect them all up.

Looking at home decorating from a slightly practical perspective takes nothing away from the fun but will allow you a smoother and less stressful relationship with your home in future. Feel at home in your home, work with it to get it to work for you.

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